Thursday, January 7, 2021

WINTER Nail Polish To Pick For your Next Manicure!

 As we prepare for the cold weather festivities on these seasons many might find it is time to change up their looks a bit to fit the cool-toned climate. This Winter stay ahead of the trend and accentuate your most valuable accessory, your hands! We at UrbanOG have looked through runways and street style to curate the trendiest unique nail polish colors you can rock to blow everyone's cozy socks off this cold weather time. See below and even match your favorite color with complimenting shoes depending on your Winter activity. 

1. Silver Obmre: This glam style is very easy to emulate, you will need a clear top coat and chunky silver glitter you may choose a different glitter color for variety. Add the chunky glitter to the tip of the nail applying the product opaque on the tip of the nail and gradually thinning it out on the ends to create a gradient effect. This glam style can be worn casually or if you are going our on New Years style it with a sparkling heel to match. 

2. Mix and Match Trend: A chic but statement look very on-trend this year is the mix and match nail colors, simple paint each nail a different color that is complementary to each other. You may use a color wheel to find colors that complement each other or show an inspo to your nail artist. This style goes well for an everyday style. 

3. Red French Tip: What is more classy than RED. Such a versatile color that works well on most skin tones. Adding a nude base with a red french tip will make your nails appear chicer and put together. Pair these nails with a hint of sexy shoes to match.

4. Emerald Green: Festive and fun, not a color that most people choose for their nails but can actually look very flattering. We love the warm rich tones of this emerald green by itself or adding a bit of holo green glitter on some accent nails will make it pop even more. Wear with a chic monochromatic black outfit and some combat boots for an edgy-cool transformation. 

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Monday, January 4, 2021

TikTok Fashion Inspo

I'm back with another TikTok post for you ladies, why you ask? Because as a 2000's kid (who pretty swore off this new social media app last year) I'm thoroughly impressed with how versatile, entertaining, and simple the app is to use. Especially through these tough times with the quarantine situation, many individuals are finding more ways to spend their newly accumulated time at home. One of my favorite features of the app is the "For You" feed which accumulates an endless list of TikTok hits each only about 5 to 60 seconds long. These curated TikTok videos that pop up are great because they are specifically FOR YOU! The Tiktok algorithm does recognize the kinds of videos that you tend to watch and like and procures the for you page with feeds of what they believe would be of great interest to you. For example... my 'For You' includes makeup, OOTD, shopping, funny girl memes, and other trending challenges that I enjoy. So if you are into the TikTok craze like us and into fashion, please follow our TikTok page @UrbanOG say hi I seen you from this blog and we will give you a follow! Got a TikTok video featuring any of our products? Please don't forget to mention us in your video and we will also feature you on our Instagram page. So what are you girls waiting for? Get on the TikTok train with us, and check out some inspiration we love below. 


Thursday, December 31, 2020

Comfy Chic Stay At Home New Years 2021 Outfits!

Hey girly?  Ready to celebrate the end of 2021?  Well, it hasn't been the easiest year for many of us and as social distancing is more important now more than ever, various people are going to be spending their New Years Eve in, weather it be with family or a small gathering.   Now usually New Years style is all about the glitz and the glam with many occasions spent at a club, a big crowd gathering, or a festival.  This year for a more comfy glam look,  UrbanOG has your back with chic outfits to have you lookin stylish without looking overboard.  Check out our favorites looks below: 

1. Matching Set: Who can go wrong with a plush matching set. This outfit looks put together and is casual and comfy too. Match with some soft faux fur slides to complete the look. 

2. Sweater Dress: Classy yet still comfy glam. We love a sweater dress paired with our jewel glammed up fluffy slide giving off a Y2k vibe! 

3. Sweater and Jogger Combo: Wear a flattering sweater top with joggers (plus if its faux leather) always makes a casual and trendy look. Pair the joggers with a combat boot for a more wearable option to heels. 

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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Pantone Color Of The Year 2021 | Fashion

Recently announced of the year for 2021: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, a combination of dull, familiar gray and the bright yellow of lemon skin. It’s a choice for the past year of quarantine, a time in which we had to insulate ourselves from the world and curl up in monochrome blankets at home: “It’s a dependable gray,” as Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, told the New York Times.

The gray of cloudy skies, sidewalk cement, comfortable bed linens, gravity blankets, or low-light screens the color evokes our collective experiences over the past year. It’s a depressing summation: During nine months of quarantine, we’ve certainly arrived at the “ultimate gray,” a state of mind mush as much as the color of a product. Grayness means ambiguity and irresolution. Neither black nor white, it doesn’t point toward an ending, just the continuation of an indefinite period. With coronavirus cases still mounting in the United States, that’s certainly where we’re at.

Loving the new shades of the year and want to incorporate it into your wardrobe, here at UrbanOG we provide a selection of fashion items to integrate them into your style.  Check out a few of our favorite HERE!

Thursday, December 24, 2020

The "It" Boot Fall/Winter 2020

Eveyone can't get enough of boots with pockets!  This Fall Winter 2020 we have been seeing many variations of boots with pouches. Yes, you heard me right, boots that actually have pockets, and zippered pockets at that. These boots are a definite essential fashion piece everyone needs in their closet.  Why not add a pair of combat boots to your outfit? These classic boots, which appear similar to those worn by soldiers, instantly add a rugged touch to any ensemble. Perfect for casual outfits and weekend outings, combat boots look best when teamed with other edgy designs. To nail the look, stick to a dark color palette and opt for heavy-duty fabrics, such as denim and leather.  There is no doubt this versatile boot has gained a ton of popularity in recent years.  The newest trend in this boot was introduced by Prada.  We love the style and functionality of this trend.  UrbanOG provides a great selection of combat boots, booties, and over the knee boots to satiate your fashion needs! Check out some of our favorites below: 

Tall Round Toe Zipper Pouch Boots: The perfect boots for a standout piece! These packs a punch, are super versatile, and fun. We love the removable double pouches on the side for a versatile look!

Nylon Zipper Pocket Combat Boot: This structured style is heavily on trend this season. We love the cool edge it gives to an outfit while giving a functionality statement with the pouch.


Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Men's Attraction to Thin Fashion Models Is Exaggerated by Women, Study Says!

A study published in Sex Roles suggests that the very thin female body type prevailing in the media is less admired than people think it is.  Body dissatisfaction is alarmingly common among women and research suggests that this is partly due to the unrealistic portrayal of female bodies in the media. The glorification of very thin female bodies creates an ideal that women feel they have to meet in order to be seen as attractive to romantic partners.

Interestingly, there is an abundance of evidence suggesting that women think men prefer thinner female bodies than they actually do.

A first study involved a sample of 548 college students that was almost evenly split by gender. The participants were asked to evaluate 13 images of female models. The images were chosen to be representative of the types of bodies shown in women’s magazines. Subjects rated the size of the models’ bodies on a scale ranging from 1 “way too thin” to 7 “way too fat”, and the attractiveness of the models’ bodies on a scale from 1 “extremely unattractive” to 7 “extremely attractive.” Next, subjects were asked to complete the two scales a second time for each model, this time indicating how they thought members of the opposite sex would rate them. The researchers found that while men and women gave similar ratings to the models, neither gender was accurate at guessing how the other would evaluate the models. Both men and women felt that the other sex would be less likely to rate the models as too thin and more likely to find the models attractive than they actually were. The researchers call this a “parallel misconception”, explaining that men overestimated the extent that women would idealize the models’ bodies, and women similarly overestimated the extent that men would admire the models’ bodies.

Johnson and Engeln then conducted a second study with an identical design — this time among a more diverse sample of 707 US residents between the ages of 18 and 86.

This time, there was a significant difference between men’s and women’s ratings of the models. Female respondents gave the models ratings that were closer to the “too thin” side of the scale and male respondents gave the models higher ratings for attractiveness.  However, when it came to guessing how the other gender would rate the images, the same pattern as the first study emerged. Both men and women thought that the other gender would rate the models’ bodies more favorably than they actually did.

The authors emphasize that sharing these findings might help lessen the negative impact of unhealthy beauty standards. Beyond telling women that the female bodies portrayed in the media are unrealistic, interventions should focus on helping women recognize that they may be overestimating others’ preferences for these “ideal” bodies.


Monday, December 21, 2020

Stunning Nail Shades To Wear For Your Next Holiday Event!

 With nail salons facing many shutdowns this year due to Covid, many of us are needing to get our manicure fix at home.  There is no doubt a trendy coat of polish will definitely spark a bit of fun in these circumstances and it's an easy DIY to do while you are stuck at home.  A chic winter manicure will have you forgoing gloves, even on the coldest of days. Rather than sticking with your go-to hue for winter 2020, try something new as the weather gets chillier, the sweaters get cozier, and pumpkin spice season melts into the hot chocolate months. When it comes to holiday nail colors, your options are pretty endless however UrbanOG can help you minimize it down.  Here are some favorite top trending polish colors to choose for your next look.  

1.  Silver Nail Polish: No doubt this tinsel inspired color is a chic way to look festive this year.  For a bolder look try a chrome finish silver color or a shimmery shine for a more classic look.  You can even mix in a white nail polish to give it a bit of oomph. 


2. Dark Green Color: While not as obvious as a red an evergreen type color for the Holidays is surprisingly more rare to see however we love the uniqueness and earth tones this color gives.  It is still a very much festive color but look expensive on and matches with cold-weather vibes.

3. Glitter and Sparkles Colors:  Add some cheer and bright into your nails with a bit of shimmer or chunky sparkles whichever you do you cant go wrong with adding sparkles.  Glitter makes the world go round! We recommended adding this over a white, red, or creamy nude this Winter!