Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Urbanistas of the Week

Here are this weeks Urbanistas of the week! We're loving tartan prints, styled stockings and boots paired with shorts for a summer-to-fall look! Check out theses chic chicks and comment below with your favorite look or your favorite piece that they rocked. Don't forget to tag @urbanogcom in your UrbanOG gear for a chance to be featured in our Urbanistas of the Week!

@Carolyn_miki looking all kinds of chic in our flannel dress . This is a great way to rock your summer styles in the fall, especially when the weather has mood changes throughout the day and goes from cold to hot to cold and back again. Throw on a button, flannel dress for a sporty, sexy look. Get her look below! 
@Grey.ash looking casually cute in our suede thigh high boots paired with denim shorts and a loose top. This is the perfect outfit to take to class or a casual lunch date with bestie. Get her super cute look below!

@Anna of wearing a classic look in her sleek UrbanOG ankle booties and tartan scarf. We love how she rolled up her denim jeans and added a touch of sexy with the styled stockings.