Friday, May 31, 2013

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The Hunger Games: Capitol Couture Spring Issue Debut!

Two words:  Hunger Games.  Who's excited?  While we try to squelch our eeks of joy and anticipation for the 2nd installment of the film trilogy, the "Capitol Couture" Tumblr page has kept us busy in the world of Hunger Games fashion!

This week, the production company debuted it's second issue for spring, titled "Chroma Nouveau," featuring non other then the notorious Effie Trinket.  

After we gasp, and are finally able to get past the face that that really is Elizabeth Banks under that glamorous wig and fashion, we're able to take in the full creative scope of the production.  "Heralding a time in the Capitol when color blooms anew, Chroma Nouveau reveals a victorious celebration of Capitol life through fashion and culture" announces the site.

With designs created by Juun J, Nicholas K, and Saverio, these looks are Capitol avant-guard at it's finest.

So what do you think of the fashion?  The Hunger Games: Catching Fire doesn't come out until November 22, but at least we've got some fashion pics to tide us over!

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(photos: The Hunger Games Tumblr)
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Look We Love: Vintage + Maxi

We are currently in a transitional weather period as May gives way to June, and Spring temperatures begin to make the shift to sunny skies and warmer days.  And while there may be some spots where the temps are already soaring, for most of us, we're in a perfect balance of warmth mixed with cool breezes.  

That's what makes this look a personal favorite.  We love transitional fashion, and the mix of a vintage pinstriped menswear shirt, tied over a long maxi skirt, is not only effortlessly chic, but perfect for the weather shifts.

The look is simple to pull off.  Start with a classic button down, roll the sleeves up to create an easy breezy summer feel, and nip it in a the waist with a simple tied bow.  That keeps the more squared off shirt from making you look masculine by accentuating your feminine frame.

Then add a gorgeous, flowing maxi skirt.  We love the royal blue hue on this one, but any color that suits your fancy is perfect.  You can even experiment with mixing prints in your skirt to your shirt.  We love mixing soft florals with striped shirts, so maybe give that a shot.

Lastly, the shoes!  This is where you can really affect the overall feel of the look.  If you go with flat sandals you have a much more casual look and feel.  Adding flat shoes takes the casual element even further.  But if you want to glam up the look, and make it versatile for more dressy occasions, ad some gorgeous nude pumps to elevate your glam factor and add some feminine sexy-kitty touches while keeping it conservative!

What do you think of the look?  

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(photos: HallieDaily)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Michael Douglas & Matt Damon: Lovers In Glitter Suits in "Behind the Candelabra"!

Ok ok, I'll admit... I was first drawn to this topic simply because my cat is named Michael Douglas!  But after seeing the gliz and surprisingly wonderful glam that came from Michael Douglas' (the actor) performance as Liberace in "Behind the Candelabra" I really couldn't resist!

The HBO film debuted this past weekend, and there's another surprise:  Matt Damon was cast to play Michael Douglas' lover, Scott Thorson, in the film, a pairing we thought was just fabulous!  And let's not forget the delicious Rob Lowe who played the plastic surgeon, Dr. Jack Startz.

The film was intense, and had us glued to our seats, shouting out, "I can't believe this!"  Yes, Liberace's life was stellar and shocking in many ways.... you'd just have to see the film to know what I'm talking about.  And seriously, I've never seen Michael Douglas in anything other than a suit, buying and selling stocks with slicked back hair... so this was truly transformative!

Matt Damon said in an interview with HBO that "This waS the first movie I ever enjoyed wardrobe fittings on... I did probably eight, ten wardrobe fittings? And we really got into it."  He goes on to tell how the wardrobe was unlike anything he'd ever put on, and the energy it brought to the acting really showed.  

So what do you think of the fashion transformation?  Will you watch the film?

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Friday, May 24, 2013

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cleopatra's Gorgeous 50th Anniversary

The film.  The face.  The fashion.  Timeless.

50th glamorous years after stealing the hearts of audiences around the world, "Cleopatra" reigns supreme.  If you haven't seen the film.... stop reading this and go watch it.  There are really no words to describe the stunning set and costume design work.  The detail, unparalleled.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic Academy Award-winning movie, starring none other than Elizabeth Taylor, the film has been restored and just screened at the Cannes Film Festival as an official selection.  

The world premiere screening brought out celebrities in droves, and was hosted by Jessica Chastain, who wore one of Liz's coveted 52 karat sapphire necklaces.  And in true Elizabeth fashion, following the viewing, a reception was held displaying some of Ms. Taylor's personal jewelry collection and an auction with proceeds benefitting her charity, The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.  

Take a look at some stills from this breathtaking film to celebrate!

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Cannes Film Festival Fashion Wrap-Up!

It's kind of hard to believe that it's already that time again... Cannes Film Festival time.  That means the year is already nearly half over!  Can you believe it?

In true red carpet glamour form, this year's festival showing of couture didn't disappoint.  And while there were a few fashion surprises (Vernice Bejo's Louis Vuitton blue jumper anyone?), most of the stars, both super famous (how adorable is Nicole Kidman's flirty floral tea length dress?), and those climbing the gargantuan ladder, kept it simple and classic.  

We saw a lot of black, white, red, and black and white combos, perfectly on trend for the season.  

So who was your favorite?  Take a look at some of ours!

Sofia Coppola in Louis Vuitton, and Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji

Ahna O'Reilly in Elie Saab, and Zhang Ziyi in Carolina Herrera

Berenice Bejo in Louis Vuitton, and Emma Watson in Christopher Kane

Julianne Moore in Dior Haute Couture, and Nicole Kidman in Dior Haute Couture

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(photos: Wire, Getty)

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ben Affleck's Fashion for a Cause

Well, it's not everyday that I get to write about Ben Affleck and fashion.  I mean, he's fabulous and all, but the thought of him as a fashion designer...?

But awesomely enough, that's what today's little blog is all about!  Ben Affleck just officially added suedo fashion designer to his long title, and has teamed up TOMS shoes with his Eastern Congo Initiative organization to design a limited-edition shoe collection to help support the people of the eastern Congo.  We're definitely digging that.

The shoes are inspired by traditional Congolese textiles, and are formulated under TOMS signature environment friendly materials and comfy make.  And the best part of this whole shindig... TOMS has added to their one-for-one model where not only will they donate a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair sold, but $5 from each sale will be donated toward ECI's family and youth programs.

We think that's pretty dope!

What do you think of the shoes for a cause?

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(photos: TOMS shoes)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kate Moss Bares it All for St. Tropez

Well, if there was any doubt that summer was almost here... I'm pretty sure Kate Moss' bikini-less body will probably fix that.  Heck, if ever we thought we were looking good for bikini season... she probably fixed that too with her bronzed and toned body!  haha...

Well, self-tanning brand St. Tropez has struck bikini gold with their new summer campaign, which features some gorgeous swimsuit shots of miss Kate Moss, as well as the, ahem, above shot!

And apparently this campaign has a moral message tucked away:  The brand wants to prove that women accross all age groups, around the world, are beautiful.  Kate Moss is 39.  Our response?  Rock on!  We love the confidence and beauty, and are all for encouraging women of all types to feel the same!  And we're also huge fans of self-tanners versus cooking in the sun or those outdated, dangerous tanning boxes!

What do you think of the campaign?  Got you in the mood for some tan-line free self-tanners?

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(photos: St. Tropez)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Monique Lhuillier's Bridal Collection

"From City Hall to the altar, whether there are hundreds of guests or just two..."

That was the idea and inspiration, straight from designer Monique Lhuillier's lips, about her new bridal collection, which showed for spring 2014.  

Chalk full of simple, clean lines, elegant shapes, and beautifully simple details on softly flowing fabrics, the collection was meant to cater to the needs of every type of bride.  The collection featured just about every type of cut a girl could want, from strapless, to sleeveless, to one shoulder ivory, and even minis.  

Yet she stayed true to form, and her ball gowns, featuring gentle lace and tulle accents, were major wow-factor pieces.  

So what do you think of the dreamy collection?

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(photos: Dan & Corina Lecca)