Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How To Wear It: Colorblock Makeup

If you're the less daring type, wearing neon brights and candy-colored tones may be something you tend to shy away from with your wardrobe. So you're probably not so keen on trying those same stand-out hues on your face. Oh, but not to worry! The season's continuing colorblock trend is one that anyone can try without looking ridiculous (as proven here and here!). And whether you're crazy for color or comfy on the neutral side, we've spotted some fun--and not too over the top--beauty looks that are perfect for the spring and summer! Fit for most skin tones, these makeup get-ups will surely have you looking cool rather than clown-ish.
We dig the subtlety of this look. It's very minimal, yet striking. Most of all, we're loving the lips! Trying an ombre-inspired lip is an awesome way of combining two equally bright colors into one pucker-worthy look. This can be achieved by lightly outlining your lips with a colorful liner and then blending in a stand-out shade of lipstick at the center. Give your eyes the sultry cat-eye look with a simple touch of eyeliner, add a bit of blush on the apples of your cheeks, and you're all set!
For those of you who love a dramatic eye look, this one's for you! You can try this two-toned look by applying a bright-colored eyeshadow on your eyelids--from lashline to brow bone--and then adding a thin line of contrasting color on your bottom lash line. If you're not too crazed about lipstick, you can instead use a lipgloss that is of a shade similar to the one used on your bottom lash line. Add a thin line of liquid eyeliner to your upper lash line and mascara to make your eyes pop, and your look is complete!   
This unique smokey eye is much easier than it looks, which makes it's all the more amazing! Using two contrasting shimmery shadows on your eyes--one light and one dark--will give them a cool effect. Add the lighter color on the inner portion of your eyelid to the center, and then add the darker color from the middle to the outer corner. If you're really feeling this look, you can add a tiny bit of the lighter shadow on your bottom lash line for more sparkle. Finish it all off with a matte lip and a simple touch of blush!
This pretty look is colorblocking at its finest. Get it by applying shimmery shadow on the inner portion of your eyelids and then blending it out to the ends. Put a dash of bright blush on your cheeks, and rock a bold lipstick (a light layer of gloss added) and voila!

As an added styling tip, we think that wearing a simple outfit with these great beauty looks is the best way to go. Black, white, or nude-colored ensembles will definitely let your beauty stand out!

Which of these makeup looks are you excited to try?

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Photos: Refinery 29

Jason Wu’s Cat Milo Woos Us to Target!

If you didn’t think the anticipation for Jason Wu’s collection to hit Target stores was thick enough, how about some cute and cuddly motivation?  Bring in…Milo!

Target just released an online and television ad campaign featuring Jason’s adorable sketch kitty, who’s curiosity seems to create some lovely details in his finished collection.  Only available from February 5rd to March 6th, it’s likely that Wu’s collection will sell fast. 

And who wouldn’t want to curl up with Milo on their shirt?

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Get The Look: Forest Fantasy

While dressing up can be fun, most of us love wearing simple outfits that are comfortable yet still stylish. And this "Forest Fantasy" lookbook get-up is perfect for just that. This bohemian-inspired look is super easy and fashion forward. We love the long knit cardigan because it's super cute and lightweight, making it an essential for the upcoming spring season. The semi-sheer blouse tucked in the pair of high-waisted shorts adds just the right dash of color. And the accessories really set it all off--we especially love the tiered leaf necklace and suede peep toe ankle booties. So to achieve a casual look that doesn't require tons of work, try this outfit!

See more easy-breezy looks you'll love here!

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The Power Of A Maxi Dress

The power of a maxi dress is often underestimated. A maxi dress can be worn all year long and can be worn dressed up or dressed down. It is fascinating that a maxi dress accomodates to all body types and heights as it makes women appear tall and slender. The love of maxis comes from the feeling of freedom wearing something flowy on days when one may want to be effortlessly chic. Print maxi dresses are especially irresistible this year. While it allows for an outfit to be complete, it also leaves room to accessorize with solid color jewelry. 

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Photo: Cheyenne Meets Chanel

Kendall & Kylie Jenner Cover Teen Vogue's March 2012 Issue!

This just in! Kendall and Kylie Jenner have nabbed a spot on the cover of Teen Vogue for the upcoming March issue! In this exclusive preview, the rising sister duo look super cute--and age appropriate--in their fresh-faced cover looks for the magazine's spring fashion issue. Kendall wears an eclectic lime number while Kylie sports a bright fuchsia pink shift dress, both perfect fits for jumping into spring! 

Whether you're a Kardashian lover or hater, this family is definitely still taking the fashion world by storm. As the rookies of the Kardashian empire, Kendall and Kylie--16 and 14, respectively--are making names for themselves as burgeoning "it" girls of young Hollywood. And although they've both been featured between the pages of Teen Vogue, this is their very first cover feature--way to go girls! With a tween jewelry line and reality t.v. series of their own all in the works, it's clear that the Kardashian-Jenner biz has no plans of slowing down. What do you think of Kendall and Kylie's Teen Vogue cover spot?

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Photo: Huffington Post

Kate Moss for Mango

There's a new campaign out for the Spring/Summer 2012 collection at Mango and it's starring the ever beautiful and complex Kate Moss!

Shot by Terry Richardson, who playfully teases between shots, the theme is spy games.  In the ad, Kate is seen debating over what to wear to her next diabolical mission, but all the while she is being watched....

And who is watching, you ask?  Well if I told you that, I'd have to....

Watch the behind the scenes video here!

What do you think?  

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Friday, January 27, 2012

What To Wear: The Weekend

If you're like us, you've already started thinking of what you'll be wearing for weekend. This look that we've put together is perfect for a fun day out. The trendy colorblock striped dress is our favorite part of this look, as it gives just the right spring feel. The lightweight jacket and eye-popping platform booties add a serious punch of color to bring it all together. Accessorized with cascading earrings and necklace along with a stylish fedora, this outfit lets you transition into spring with style. So try this fun look for your weekend get-up!

See more looks you'll love here!

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H&M Rips Off Atlanta Artist Tori LaConsay?

Did you hear about the drama this week surrounding fashion brand H&M?  Let’s just say there’s a lot of damage control in the works…

An Atlanta, GA based artist Tori LaConsay apparently just had her work ripped off by H&M.  And what’s worse, besides putting her work into products for sale, H&M initially blew her off when she questioned them.

Here’s the story:  Back in 2008, LaConsay painted the sign shown above “You Look Nice Today” with a little red heart at the bottom as a “love letter” to her neighborhood in Atlanta.  One side of the sign read that, and the other side said “I’m So Happy You’re Here.”  In a nutshell, Tori LaConsay said the following of her work, "It was a small gesture that I genuinely hoped would make my neighbors feel good."

Well, looks like it made H&M designers feel good as a graphic that looks nearly identical to her work started appearing on their products (pillow above).  The worst part?  When LaConsay emailed H&M customer service about the issue, she received an email back saying:

“We employ an independent team of over 100 designers. We can assure you that this design has not been influenced by your work and that no copyright has been infringed.”

Sigh.  It’s difficult to see an artist work copied without so much as a credit and compensation. 

Seems like there was a pretty big uproar on H&M’s facebook, so they recently tweeted the following:

“We’re very sorry about our CS team’s answer, it's unfortunate and we apologize for it. We're in direct contact with Tori LaConsay.”

Perhaps Tori will get the credit she deserves.  What do you think about the controversy? 

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(Photos: globalgrind)

Bring On The Braids

Braids simply achieve a youthful, playful look. From a French braid to a fishtail braid, there are endless possibilities to rock a braid. As Spring and Summer are approaching us, braids are the perfect addition to complete a Spring/Summer outfit. We are loving how easy it is to accomplish different looks by recreating different hair braid styles.
A messy, side braid is easy to do yet can make a dressy outfit look a lot more casual and fun. This braid is versatile as it meshes well with a casual or dressy look. 
Make a statement by mixing in a messy, fishtail braid. The fishtail braid creates a quick fix to a bad hair day.
This wrap around braid pulls your hair out of your face but also creates an interesting style to wear messy or tight depending on the outfit.

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Photo: Kiss and Makeup, Bella Sugar, Glamour

Thursday, January 26, 2012

How To Wear It: Dressy Denim

Denim is an essential part of every fashionista's wardrobe. It's classic, and goes with just everything! While jeans are usually worn in an effort to tone down a look, we tend to forget that it can be dressed up too! Fashion just seems to be all the more fun when you get all dolled up. And because of our love for looking fab at all times, we've spotted a look that incorporates class with spring's most timeless trend--denim dresses!

First things first, pairing an adorable denim dress with a chic blazer is a must. There are plenty of jackets that would look great over denim, but to achieve more of a sophisticated look, we think that rocking a white blazer will make your look pop! From eggshell to nude or even the whitest of white, it's the easiest way to upgrade your look from casual to cool. When it comes to accessorizing, jewel-tones will look amazing with this outfit. Grab an oversized clutch and matching ankle-strap pumps to look fashion forward. And a little arm candy wouldn't hurt either, so get fancy with a few studded bangles. Pucker up with a bold-colored lip for extra sass, and you're ready to hit the town in your darling denim look! What do you think of this spring-savvy outfit?

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Photo: Fashion Bananas

Marni for H&M Campaign

The fashion world seems exceptionally ablaze this week as collaborations are popping up everywhere, and launches of lines like Karl for Karl Lagerfeld make headlines.

Well this week, a sneak peak of the campaign for Marni for H&M has come out.  Featuring what appears to be model Imogen Poots in the ad, H&M has actually cast Sofia Coppola to shoot the campaign’s video soon to be released. 

The look features a shimmery-sleek jungle printed top and pants, focused on metallic hues.  What do you think so far?

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(photo: H&M)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

KARL by Karl Lagerfeld is Here!

A month or so back I blogged about the teaser video released for Karl Lagerfeld’s coming line, and the time has finally arrived!

If you’re not planning on saving up to shop Fendi or Chanel exclusively, you can wrap your arms around a piece of Karl Lagerfeld via KARL, his own lower-priced line available exclusively on net-a-porter.com starting today!

The collection contains pieces that of course reflect his own signature look, like biker vests, fingerless leather gloves, sharp collars and bow-ties.  And why wouldn’t he tap into his own look?  When asked about his inspiration?... he stated, “I do it with my instinct… being myself is not that difficult.”

We couldn’t agree more!  The collection ranges from $95-$450.

What do you think of the looks?  Will you be shopping the collection?

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(Photos: Net-A-Porter.com)

"Glee" Girl Lea Michele for Candie's + Exclusive Campaign Pics!

Actress Lea Michelle--better known as Rachel Berry from the hit sitcom Glee-- is now the new spokeswoman for Candie's! The 25 year-old stunning starlet is already on the forefront of the fashion scene as one of Hollywood's most stylish gals, so this new endorsement deal with Candie's is truly a perfect fit. The fun fashion label has been known for putting gorgeous gals on the forefront of their brand--Britney Spears, Fergie, and most recent "It Girl," Vanessa Hudgens. And now with Lea Michele added to their roster, it just keeps getting better! The girly "Hanging at Home" campaign was shot in Beverly Hills, California, where Lea wore bright and playful ensembles with sky-high heels to match. Super cute!
And as an extra plus for all you crazed Glee fans, we got our hands on an exclusive behind-the-scenes video for your viewing pleasure!

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Photos: Celebrity Gossip, Video: Youtube

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Look We Love: Leopard Luxe

What is there not to love about this outfit? The sparkling sequin headband, flirty semi-sheer blouse, colorful leopard shorts, and those sky-high wedges are all awesome pieces by themselves, yet when combined, they make a stellar outfit! This trendy-chic look is perfect for a night outing, and can be jazzed up a bit more with a neutral blazer for some extra class. By combining the season's most fun trends--colorblock accents, jewel tones, leopard print, and glamorous headwear--this outfit is one that is nothing short of fashion forward. What do you think about this leopard luxe look?

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Photo: Kryzuy.com

Doo.Ri Chung for Macy’ Impulse Capsule

February 15th will mark a special occasion.  Not only will it be the day of recovery from love-stricken Valentine’s Day, but it is also the day where a 33-piece collection will hit Macy’s sores nationwide.

Doo-Ri Chung’s capsule collection for Macy’s Impulse is moments away from it’s debut, and people are holding their breath.  While many high end designer collaborations with affordable retailers has created quite a frenzy, many times the collections have not been very real life friendly. 

But this collection is different, with a mix of knit maxi dresses, tees, tanks, bright cocktail dresses and blouses.  It’s perfect timing for Spring, and we think it’ll make a lovely bang on the fashion scene.

Will you be shopping the line?

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(Photos: racked.com)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Trend Spotting: Pretty In Pink

From the very minute many of us girls were born into this world, we have worn the color pink--most of the time, by force as a child. Some love it, some hate it. We're not exactly sure who designated pink to be the iconic symbol for women, but one thing is for sure: plenty of fashionistas can't get enough of it! Whether the feminine hue is a friend or foe of yours, it is definitely popping up everywhere and has no intentions of fading away. From baby doll blush to highlighter neon and everything in between--like our Crayola faves, "Ultra Pink" and "Razzle Dazzle Rose"--pink is an ever-popular pick for the upcoming season. Here are some styling tips along with a few of our pretty in pink faves that you can try!
We absolutely adore this look! The bright pink skinnies are all kinds of awesome, and pairing them with a denim button-down shirt is the perfect way to make this look casual yet trendy and fun. Complete with leather ankle booties, an oversized clutch, aviator shades, and a wrist stacked with colorful bracelets, this ensemble is ideal for just about anywhere, any day.
This look is a great "day-to-night" outfit. The semi-sheer white blouse--loosely cuffed sleeves included--neatly tucked into a coral pink mini is simply stylish. The large shoulder bag and low-heeled ankle boots make this outfit perfect for your daytime runs around the city. And by night, adding a sleek blazer and trading the accessories for a sequined clutch, rhinestone bangles, and platform ankle booties is the way to go to achieve an effortless party look.
Whether you're heading out for a lunch date or to a laid-back shindig with friends, this outfit can be worn for almost any occasion. We especially love the fluorescent pink blouse worn over the sherbet orange maxi skirt. What a great combination! And to make this look even more eye-popping, the neon green chained earrings are amazing, which shows us that colorblocking doesn't have to stop with your accessories. Neutral strappy heels and tons of skinny bangles give this look just the right finish. 
For more of a classic party outfit, this look is it. Debonair yet feminine. The lacy white button-down blouse is adorable with the black bowtie. And the leather shorts add a hint of edginess to this classic get-up. Bringing it all together, the bright fuchsia blazer makes this look ultra-feminine. The matching Mary Jane platform pumps and sequined handbag top it all off perfectly.

Which of these looks do you want to test out?

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Photos: One Of Each, Song Of Style, Garance Dore, Style Pantry, Fashion Coolture

Cindy Crawford’s 10-Year-Old Daughter for Versace… A Little Too Little?

Well I suppose young hopeful models everywhere are walking around a little more nervous, as there’s a new face on the scene.  A very, very young face!

Cindy Crawford’s 10-year-old daughter, Kaia Gerber, has been chosen as the new face of Young Versace, the label’s new line for kids.

Cindy once said she was trying to dissuade her daughter from modeling so soon. “She’s definitely tall, but hopefully I can keep her away from it for a little while.” 

While I’m certainly not opposed to children modeling as kids clothes need to be shown somehow. I am a little bit…. Scratch that… a lot bit concerned about the clothes she’s in… namely that skirt, and the length of that skirt?

Call me crazy, but does it appear a bit on the short side for such a young child?  I mean, I’m imagining a grown woman wearing that skirt, which appears to just barely extend past her bottom, and can pretty much guess many people would think that too short for even a 20 something woman. 

What do you think?  One amusing comment that Kaia made about modeling was that she wants to try modeling at some point “because you don’t need any special skills.”

Do you think the look is a bit too adult?

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Celebrity Fashion Trend: Sunny Side Up!

It may be the middle of Winter, but you wouldn’t know it in Hollywood, as the red carpets are a sunny blaze this season… the color?  Yellow!

Celebs have been spotted at all types of major red carpet events the past month wearing a traditionally Spring thought color of yellows and pale golds.  The look is unexpected, soft, feminine, and definitely refreshing!

Charlize Theron wore a pastel yellow dress by Stella McCartney to a BAFTA event last week, Kirsten Dunst wore Rodarte with a Stella McCartney blazer (one of my favorite looks).  And let’s not forget Miss Mission Impossible, Paula Patton, wearing a bold Monique Lhuiller gown at the Golden Globe Awards.

So, whit all this sun running around, will you be wearing yellow this Winter?

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Taylor Swift Covers Vogue Magazine

America's sweetheart Taylor Swift covers the February edition of Vogue Magazine! The 22 year-old Grammy award winning songstress rocks a much more adult look--smokey eyes, blunt-cut bangs, and killer style--contrary to the princess-y looks we're used to seeing her in. Photographed by the amazing Mario Testino, Swift takes a trip back to into the eccentric 1970s with in her bohemian-inspired editorial. We absolutely love everything about these photos, from the exceptional frocks designed by Rodarte to those psychedelic Miu Miu knee-high boots! This is Taylor Swift's very first Vogue cover story, and yet she's working it as if she's one of the pros--move over Kate Moss! What do you think of Swift's Vogue feature?

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Photos: Vogue.com

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Get The Look: Colorblock Heels for Under $40!

For the upcoming Spring season, colorblock heels will definitely be the hot item to have. Striving for a designer pair may set your wallet back a bit, so we've gathered some of our favorite eye-catching heels that you can find right here at Urban OG! Did we mention that every pair is under 40 bucks? Amazing! 
Get clicking to get your hands on some of these playful pumps!

(From left to right) Top Row: NonanKay-07Finder-33Jamela-02Rigby-S
Bottom Row: Addison-06Kay-07PrimeVictoria-14Gala-21.

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Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson for Bongo

Have you ever shopped the Bongo line, typically found in Kmart stores?  I don’t necessarily know a lot of girls who do, but that hasn’t stopped them from rolling out the carpet for more celebrity faces to model the collection.

You may remember Audrina Patridge as the longtime face for the collection.  Now there are 2 new ones, Ashley Benson & Lucy Hale of "Pretty Little Liars."  

The campaign is targeting a mix of sweet versus sexy.  Of the collection, Lucy says, “I guess we’re both mixing it up being the sweet and the sexy.  It just shows the versatility of the clothes and the line for Spring 2012.”

And what did Ashley have to say about the shoot?  “My fashion style is more edgy….there are a lot of cool colored shorts.”

You’ll likely see the campaign in the pages of fashion magazines, outdoor, online, and at Kmart.  Will this have you shopping the line?

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kate Hudson for Ann Taylor! Behind the Scenes

When I think of Ann Taylor, I think of class.  Classic clean lines, feminine details, chic, practical and yet divine.  It’s like Ann Taylor is the go to style guru for women on the move both with raising families, and dominating the work field.

Actress Kate Hudson seems to think so too!  And now, along with thinking about classic lines when it comes to Ann Taylor, we can think of Kate too, as she is the new face for the Spring collection!

The new campaign shot in a private house in Pasadena by famed photographer Tom Munro.  The lovely Kate arrived with her new baby boy, and a killer post-babe figure (how’d she do it?). 

Of the collection, she said “I’m a working mom.  I don’t have a lot of time on my hands.  Ann Taylor is about making sure women have one place to go where they can shop and still feel chic.” (InStyle)

The collection includes lace dresses, bold colored tops, colorful bangles, cardigans, and even a splash of neon.

While we Muse (pun intended, comment below if you know what I mean!) over the behind the scenes photos, eagerly awaiting the official campaign to be released, I wonder how many styles I’ll be shopping for come Spring. 

Will you be shopping the collection?

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(Photos:  Ann Taylor)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Trend Spotting: Pastel Pop

We adore pastels! No, they're not only meant for those tasty macaroon cookies or Easter eggs; they're perfect for any outfit, any season. As one of the biggest trends of the upcoming spring and summer, pastel colors add a more soft-spoken touch of femininity and can attract all kinds of attention--of course, in the good, "I love your outfit!" kind of way. And in lieu of our love for pale hues, we've gathered some of our pastel fashion faves.
This is a perfectly simple look for running around town. A breezy fuchsia pink blouse tucked inside a seafoam linen midi skirt is a combo that is relaxed and fashion savvy. This spring and summer, it's all about clothes that are comfy and lightweight, and this outfit is definitely one that will keep up with the trends. Our favorite item that brings it all together are the rose gold ballet flats! They are adorable, and compliment the entire look perfectly.
Pairing pastels with black is a unique way to give a girly look an edgy touch. We love this mint ladylike blazer over the basic lavender tee! While the distressed denim cutoffs make this outfit instantly tough, we'd opt for a leather pleated mini skirt to make more of a feminine statement. The accessories are also what make this outfit awesome: a small, studded wrist clutch, and ankle cuff heels. Without a doubt, this outfit has all kinds of cool appeal. 
When it comes to wearing an upscale look, keeping it simple is almost always the best way to go. This outfit has plenty of sophistication, and is an awesome way to be dressy yet casual. The embellished champagne jacket is hands down the most eye-catching piece to this look. Worn over a silky pale pink blouse, the jacket manages to stand out to give this simple look more of a decadent feel. We also love the final additions of lavender wide leg denim and neutral peep toe pumps. This outfit is perfect for both day and night.

Pastel colors are super chic, and can be worn in so many ways! How will you add a pastel pop to your own style?

Posted by: Kameron Simpson

Photos: Lust for Life, Stockholm Streetstyle