Monday, January 9, 2012

How To Wear It: Flirty Florals

Oh, the thrill of being a girl. When it comes to style, it's no secret that us girls do it best. The possibilities are literally endless, which can be a good yet troubling thing if you're one of those "I have nothing to wear!" indecisive types. So when thinking of one of the most festive trends--florals, florals, and more florals--there were so many ideas that came to mind when thinking of how one can incorporate a lovely floral item into their outfit. And after much narrowing down, we found that one of the most fun and fashion-forward ways to rock florals is with a classic button down blouse neatly tucked into a colorful A-line skirt. This look is purely stylish without having to try too hard. And whether out on the town or at work, the best way to accessorize this look would be to pair a neutral pair of pumps or even ballet flats with it, along with a solid colored handbag. And if you're really feeling fancy, add a matching beaded bib necklace and skinny waist belt to top it all off. Now that's what we call fab!

Posted by: Kameron Simpson

Photo: Stockholm Streetstyle


Tia'z Corner said...

I like, got a few floral skirts but never know how to wear them, would be stocking up on some classic whit shirts...

Alessandra said...

love this outfit ;)
kiss kiss