Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Doo.Ri Chung for Macy’ Impulse Capsule

February 15th will mark a special occasion.  Not only will it be the day of recovery from love-stricken Valentine’s Day, but it is also the day where a 33-piece collection will hit Macy’s sores nationwide.

Doo-Ri Chung’s capsule collection for Macy’s Impulse is moments away from it’s debut, and people are holding their breath.  While many high end designer collaborations with affordable retailers has created quite a frenzy, many times the collections have not been very real life friendly. 

But this collection is different, with a mix of knit maxi dresses, tees, tanks, bright cocktail dresses and blouses.  It’s perfect timing for Spring, and we think it’ll make a lovely bang on the fashion scene.

Will you be shopping the line?

Posted by:  Spankie V.

(Photos: racked.com)

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