Monday, July 28, 2014

SIX boots to fall for this fall

So you have probably noticed the back to school displays popping up in every office supply store near you. Maybe you've noticed there are less than 100 days until Halloween. ( aka it's time to get on organizing that clever group costume) Or maybe you are just super psyched it's nearly pumpkin spice season. Whatever the case, it's unavoidable; fall is coming!

We are stocking and restocking all of your fall essentials as the summer comes closer to an end. This includes our best selling boots!! Lets face it, boots rule fall-winter. So here is our little boot buyers guide. 

Our picks for the glam girls: 

Favorite quote: "I woke up like this".
Current jam: “Problem” featuring Iggy Azalea- Ariana Grande
Never leave home without: Contouring

 Why wear flats when you can run in heels? Heeled boots like these are the perfect statement piece for fall/winter. Pair them with your finest statement jewelry and clutches. Face it, your fab and your boots should be too.

Our picks for Elegant eclectics: 

Favorite quote: "I'd rather be at a music festival ".
Current jam: “Brooklyn Baby” Lana Del Rey
Never leave home without: Something vintage

You are an original. Your style reflects you and only you. Combat boots are a classic that perfectly reflect your no conformist attitude. Cut out booties are the perfect new trend for you to try this season. Similar to combats, these booties will make the one of a kind statement you crave.

Our picks for Classic chic chicks: 

Favorite quote: "A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous!"
Current jam: "All of Me" John Legend.
Never leave home without: A little black dress

You love fashion.. a lot but you like to keep it simple. Ridding boots and lace up booties are two classic trends that never go out of style that can be dressed up or down. Perfect for the gal with limited closet space, these two styles are super versatile and can be worn for seasons to come. 

So what do you think? Which style of boots are you planning to wear this fall?

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Congratulations to this week's winner, Kara Smith!

Thank you to all who entered our weekly Free Shoes Giveaway. 
Congratulations to this week's winner,  Kara SmithTo enter our weekly Free Shoes Giveaway, visit our Facebook and follow the instructions.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Jumpers, jumpsuits and rompers are the latest fashion trend being spotted in the streets.
Jumpsuit were first popular with skydivers, parachutist and aviators for there seamless all in one construction. Can we blame them? Jumpers and rompers combine the best of both tops and bottoms and are an easy item to throw on. You've probably seen them in stores wondered how you could rock that. So here are some no fuss jumper and romper outfits to inspire:

Rompers are great pick for a casual afternoon out. This comfortable outfit will leaving you looking chic yet comfortable.
(Romper, Hat, Purse, Bracelets, Sandals)

Jumpsuits are the perfect unexpected evening out outfit option. This basic jumpsuit instantly becomes glam when paired with pretty silver accessories.
(Jumpsuit, purse, necklace, heels)

Ready to turn up the heat? This jumper is ultra flirty and perfect for a hot girls night out. Get ready to turn up the temps!
(Jumper, sunglasses, shoes, earrings)

What do you think of this trend? Will you try it out?

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Congratulations to this week's winner, Kathi Taylor!

Thank you to all who entered our weekly Free Shoes Giveaway. 
Congratulations to this week's winner,  Kathi TaylorTo enter our weekly Free Shoes Giveaway, visit our Facebook and follow the instructions.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What's your sign? Shoes that match your zodiac!

Are you a fiery Aries, a fun loving Sagittarius or a creative Aquarius? Whatever your stars are we've picked the perfect shoes to complement your sign!
 See what we mean:

Key characteristics; determined, fiery and a born leader. 

Perfect for your fiery personality, these heels show off your ability to lead the pack in these fashion forward heels

Key characteristics; faithful, security-conscious, and proud.

Any Taurus would be proud to up their shoe game in these colorful wedges

Key characteristics; thinker, multi-talented, social.

These heels are versatile and the smart choice just like any Gemini !

Key characteristics; Emotional, instinctive, charitable.

Go with your instincts Cancer and pick these playful mesh pumps!

Key characteristics; original, motivated, physical

These booties can keep up with whatever Leos latest ambition is this week. 

Key characteristics; susceptible, sympathetic, moody.

This multi-colored texture heel perfectly pairs with Virgos multi layer personality

Key characteristics; concerned with relationships, communicative, refined.

Libra's never settle so these fashion forward heels are perfect for your refined taste

Key characteristics; intensive, secretive, passionate

The passionate Scorpio will feel at home with these dramatic heels

Key characteristics; honest, extroverted, larger than life.

Sagittarius will love the straight forward style of these platform pumps

Key characteristics; instinctive, smart, sympathetic.

A true Capricorn trusts their insticts and knows a good deal when they see one, like these on sale booties! 

Key characteristics; flamboyant, unpredictable, progressive.

Aquarius' out there attitude will feel just at home in these booties

Key characteristics; spiritual, idealistic, loving.

Pisces will fall in love with these ideal for any season heels

What do you think of your signs shoe? Tell us in the comments! 

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Monday, July 14, 2014

What decade trend is right for you?

Fashion knows how to do a throwback like no other. Right now there are so many retro trends, its hard to pick which decade inspired fashion you should try next.

Give this quiz a go to find out which decade inspired trends you should test out :

My favorite song is by..
Clean cut guys with sweet dance moves: a
A Soulful singer: b
Some guys who could need a hair cut: c

I spend most of my time..
At the mall: a
Dancing the night away at club: b
At a music festival: c

My favorite trend color is
Is glitter a color?: a
Coral, all day every day: b
Black or White, preferably together: c
The movie most like my life is...
Clueless: a
American Hustle: b
Across the Universe: c

Pick a style icon..
Naomi Campbell a
Farrah Fawcett: b
Edie Sedgwick: c

Must have beauty item
Dark dramatic lips: a
I prefer to go all natural : b
Perfectly lined cat eyes: c

If you got...

Mostly As-90s Chick

You've seen the movie clueless more times than you can count, you rather be at the mall and you can't wait to slow dance with your crush to your favorite slow jam by a boy band.... Well maybe not, but add some flannel and some boots for an instant tribute to this totally rad decade 

Mostly Bs-70s babe

Girl, you've got it going on and this groovy 70s trend is just for you! Break out a pair of bell bottoms or slip on some platform heels. Big brim hats and jumpsuit are calling for you try them out!

Mostly Cs-60s Sweetie

Your playful fun attitude is perfect for the 60s inspired fashion trend. Show off your mod side with a pair of Chelsea booties and geometric prints

What decade did you get? What retro style do you like best?

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Congratulations to this week's winner, Shequita Andrew Bell!

Thank you to all who entered our weekly Free Shoes Giveaway. 
Congratulations to this week's winner,  Shequita Andrew BellTo enter our weekly Free Shoes Giveaway, visit our Facebook and follow the instructions.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Up your shoe game! Shoes you need to add to your closet right now!

 You have probably heard of "the little black dress", the must have style essential that you can re-purpose a million times but what about shoe essentials? Yes, there are shoe equivalents to the little black dress! 

 Here are our shoe must haves:
Party ready pump: These heels are ready for a night out but can be dressed down if need be. They fit like a glove and go with any outfit.  We like ours in classic prints- leopard, florals or in statement colors. Pick a pair that calls to your personal style and they will quickly become a fashion essential.
Chic flat: We love heels but sometimes a flat is just what you need. Perfect for work or play, they are great to keep in your purse in case you need to change shoes quickly.
 Summer worthy sandals: Because as much as we love flip flops; sometimes you need to make a more chic statement on the beach or by the pool.
 Cute boot: Just boot it! Booties or boots are closet staple and not just in the winter! They are a great option for winter leggings but also under summer sun dresses.
On trend wedge: Wedges are very versatile and they come in styles that range from sneaker to cork. Pick a pair of wedges that really reflects your personal style and add it to any outfit for an instant style upgrade.

 These  five styles are sure to leave your wardrobe ready for anything! So we've gone through our inventory and picked out our favorites at prices a girl can afford!

So what do you think? Are there any must have shoes we forgot? Which pair is your fave?

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

3 Outfits- under $50!

We've all been there, you have an event coming up; a party, a date, the summer seems to be full of these kind of events. Whatever it is, you want to look GOOD but you are short on cash. This is where we come in. Right now,  our ENTIRE site has been marked down! That's right, EVERYTHING but only for a limited time! (ends 7/14/14!) What's even better? You don't need to mess with  a promo code! Everything has been marked down already and everyone will receive the discount. Awesome right?
To help you out EVEN MORE, we put together 3 on trend outfits (including shoes!) for UNDER $50. We know, you are welcome.

Girly girl: $44.40

Are you going on a super casual date or out with some friends? Are you looking for playful girly outfit? This is for you! We've paired a pink scuba skirt, floral crop top with some lace oxfords and pearls. We even got your makeup covered with this super sweet shade of pink by NYX
(Top, Skirt, Shoes, Necklace, Lipstick)

 Miss Daisy: $44.10

It's hot out but you are still looking to turn up the heat? This is your pick then! This super cute daisy skirt is so of the moment and perfect when paired with this cute bow crop top. These heels are sure to turn heads. Slip on these sunnies and they won't know what hit 'em.
(Sunglasses, Top, Skirt, Heels)

 Varsity Player: $45.20
Hanging at sports event or out with friends, this outfit is the perfect blend of casual and sporty style. The varsity inspired dress works perf with this snapback and single sole heels.

(Dress, Hat, Sunglasses, Shoes)

So there you have it! Three great outfits that won't empty your wallet!

Tell us what you think in the comments

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Congratulations to the winner, Colleen Boudreau !

Thank you to all who entered our UrbanOG Pinterest June Challenge. Congratulations to the winner, 
 Colleen Boudreau ! Follow our Facebook page to learn what our next giveaway will be.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Congratulations to this week's winner, Emily Neiss!

Thank you to all who entered our weekly Free Shoes Giveaway. 
Congratulations to this week's winner,  Emily Neiss! To enter our weekly Free Shoes Giveaway, visit our Facebook and follow the instructions.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How to wear: Florals!

This season floral has been BIG. And it has no  sign of slowing down. 
Here are some tips on incorporating this trend even if you don't have a green thumb:

Go tropical
It's summer so we are all dreaming of escaping on a tropical getaway. Get the look without the plane ticket! Exotic floral prints are perfect for those suffering from serious wanderlust..
(Dress. Sunglasses. Purse. Heels.)

90s throwback
So if you aren't a super fan of super sweet blooms, consider a throwback print. Take it back to the 90s with sunflower and daisy prints. These prints are perfect for a 90s grunge inspired ensemble..  

Big prints? One piece
Are you a go big or go home type of gal? When picking big prints try to stick to one printed piece in your outfit. Big prints are fun but can be a little overwhelming with combined with more. Keep everything else simple and complementary..

Mix  it up!
Want to tackle two trends at once? Pair a small floral print with another print. Whats the trick to matching prints? Make sure they have the same overwhelming colors. In this outfit the floral print has a lot of pink and the plaid print also has a lot of pink. Try to stick to smaller or simpler prints. If one or both of the prints are too big and busy, the patterns may clash.

Always accessorize.
So if you love this trend but your closet is already full (is that possible?) the best way to get the look is to add accessories. Pretty floral crowns and cute floral print bags can instantly add this trend onto your existing favorite outfits. 

Tell us how you plan on wearing this trend in the comments! 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Trend Alert: Kimonos

Kimonos seem to be in every store and magazine these days. These highly versatile pieces are an easy way to dress up an outfit or as simple bathing suit cover up.

The kimono trend is based on the Japanese traditional garment. The word Kimono literally means “thing to wear ”. This "thing to wear" has hit the industry by storm!  From lace, to tribal print, to floral, kimonos are great way to switch up your wardrobe.

Printed kimonos are quick way to take a basic plain tee and jeans and turn it into a completely different outfit! Quick tip: when layer kimonos over outfits; keep the volume with the kimono only. Stick to fitted tops and bodices to avoid overwhelming your figure in layers and layers of fabric!

As we mentioned earlier, Kimonos make a great beach cover up. Head to the sand by adding a kimono over your bathing suit for an ultra glam outfit. 
Another great way to layer with kimonos? Over your fave maxi! Dress up a maxi with new kimono for a completely reworked look

Tell us what you think about this trend in the comments!