Friday, March 30, 2012

Glee Actors Anti-Bullying PSAs – Watch the Videos

While we mostly gush about shoes, clothes and all things visually fabulous here, there’s something else we find very fashionable, and that’s how we live our lives on the inside, and how we treat others all around us.

For years and years I grew up enduring some very harsh teasing and bullying, simply because of my hair, the color of my skin, and because I excelled in school.  All throughout middle school and high school I remember vividly coming home and falling into my mother’s arms crying as yet another kid at school had bullied me.  I was one of the blessed ones to have an amazing and supportive family.  But other kids aren’t so lucky, and bullying has led to an alarming rate of violence and suicide amongst young children.  It’s time we do our part to help put an end to such a senseless act.

Enter:  Glee.  The cast of Glee knows a thing or two about bullying, featuring episodes with slushie-incidents to really dangerous ones, and now actors Cory Monteith and Naya Rivera have teamed up with GLAAD and The Weinstein Company, the studio behind the controversial new documentary “Bully” for a couple short anti-bullying PSAs.

Check out the videos and please pass them on!  And visit the official site of “Bully” for more info on how to help.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Claudia Schiffer’s New Guess Campaign 30 Years Later!

I have to say… I’m a little urked at just how gorgeous Claudia Schiffer is after 30 years of modeling (urked in a happy way)!   I mean, sheesh!  The woman looks UH-MAY-ZING!

Many of us are too young to know, but fashion brand Guess was responsible for launching Miss Claudia’s name several decades ago with those famous black and white ads featuring her with upswept hair and wearing nothing but a black lace bustier at 19 years old. 

The leggy German supermodel shot 6 campaigns between 1989 and 1991, and she and photographer Ellen von Unwerth have reunited for a series similar to the original spots to honor Guess’s 30th anniversary as a brand. 

And wow!  If it weren’t for the “30 Sexy Years” inked across the images, I wouldn’t be able to tell if I was looking at the vintage or the new!  Does that woman age beautifully or what?! 

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Photos:  Guess, Getty

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bethenny Frankel’s Skinnygirl Skin & Body Care

Who doesn’t love the open and honestly frank Bethenny Frankel?  For those of you who’ve tried and love her Skinnygirl Margarita, you can now have it in a bath set!

Bethenny, the New York Times Bestselling author, has just released a Skinnygirl skin and body care collection, available exclusively at Walmart, which showcases everything from lip plumping glosses to exfoliants for all over. 

Her aim was to create an alternative to the high priced products currently lining the top shelves at department stores.  I love her honesty when she said, “Will it make you look 20 years younger?  No.  Will you look and feel fresher and perkier and ready to take on the world?  Absolutely.”

So will you be trying the Skinnygirl products, or stick to the drink?

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Save Animals with the Fur in Your Closet!

We know the issue of wearing fur is a hot ongoing debate with many sides, and while I’m not here to judge anyone for their views, I wanted to share an alternative to furs that many folks probably aren’t aware exists… I know I wasn’t!

I personally don’t wear fur, but for those of us who have inherited fur coats and shawls from our mothers and grandmothers of an earlier, pre-PETA era, you no longer need to hide those coats in fear, thanks to the Humane Society’s Coats for Cubs program.

We can now donate real fur coats to help out some pretty darn cute little animals in need.  How much more fashionable can you get?!

All over the country, animal preservationists are helping to heal and comfort orphaned animals like deer, foxes, rabbits, raccoons and the like.  After loosing their mothers at an early age, many of these animals refuse to eat and are in total shock from separation.

So your old furs become donated bedding, which in turn becomes their new nest!  It’s like these little lost creatures can feel like mamma is near them with the soft warmth of animal fur, which saves lives!  Rescuers even poke holes in the fur to slip a bottle through to simulate a nursing mother, which gets the babies eating.

I can’t think of a better way to rock some fur!  Learn how to donate yours here:

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Photos: Humane Society, Buffalo Exchange

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunger Games: The Fire Dress Sketches!

Charlotte Ronson's sketch, one of my favorites!

This is so very cool, I had to post a blog about it.  So it’s no secret that today is a huge day for book and movie fans alike, as “The Hunger Games” opened today (ahem… who’s already seen it 3 times?)!

There has been much anticipation as to what  the fire dress will look like, with Jennifer Lawrence, who plays the lead Katniss Everdeen, describing it by saying, “I’m in a simple back unitard that covers me from ankle to neck, shiny leather boots lace up to my knees, but it’s the fluttering cape streaming with orange, yellow and red and the matching headpiece that define the costume.”  What a gorgeous description.

So InStyle took to their major designer friends and asked them to create a sketch based off of what they thought the look would be.  What do you think?

Christian Cota creates what actually looks like a cape that is set ablaze on the edges.  Stellar!

Rachel Roy went with a more couture fashion angle, with a blaze-like train and petticoat skirt, featuring the mockingjay symbol at the top of the boots.

Christian Siriano stays true to the description with a simple unitard, laceup boots, and firey cape.

Tadashi Shoji creates a more romantic, elegant ball gown for Katniss.  Not sure we'd see her slinging arrows in this gown, but it would sure look stunning at an awards gala!

Which one’s your favorite sketch?

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Photos: Instyle

Thursday, March 22, 2012

OPI Teams Up With Spider-Man

Yes, it's true! The amazing OPI has teamed up with Spider-Man to create its very own collection for the upcoming release of The Amazing Spider-Man on July 3rd, 2012. Not only will fans get to watch the movie, but they will get to watch the movie AND rock Spider-Man themed nails! Very cool. OPI has been teaming up with only the best, such as Katy Perry, Betsey Johnson, and Nikki Minaj, so why not collaborate with a film. The collection is rumored to hit the stores in May. There are six shades to this awesome collection and even a shatter nail polish. Of course these shades revolve around the Spider-Man theme and have some pretty clever names to them. Which shade are you excited to wear?
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Photo: Bella Sugar  

Trend Spotting: Boarding School

As we treasure hunt through countless street style blogs for cool looks, we often come across tons of girls with amazing style. And recently, we've spotted a trend that is resurfacing its way back onto the fashion scene: the boarding school look. While images of a young, scantily-clothed Britney Spears and her infamous "Baby One More Time" video may be popping up in your head, we're thankful that these gals are taking the more stylish route.
This look is very reminiscent of gal pals Cher, Dionne, and Tai from the 90s chick flick, "Clueless." We especially love the vintage elements--the classic beret hat, knee high socks, and penny loafers--because of how they are perfectly paired with modern pieces. The structured blazer and multi-chained necklace have been fashion favorites season after season, and upgrade this look to being up-to-date with current trends. And of course, the flirty plaid skirt is our ultimate fave that really brings it all together. Amazing? Totally.
For the ultimate modern take on the prep school look, we thought this outfit was perfect! The plaid skinnies have a cool, London punk feel, yet are toned down a bit with the striped chunky knit sweater that is worn over a denim shirt. The edgy leather studded handbag and round-toe ankle booties add just a hint of edge to this otherwise comfy-chic look.
This rendition of the boarding school trend is spot on! We love the semi-sheer plaid blouse paired with a feminine high-low hem skirt. For a feminine look, the boxy handbag, opaque tights, and platform heels are definitely a plus. But the leather jacket with studded lapels (our favorite item in this look) is beyond awesome! From head to toe, this tough cookie ensemble is the perfect way to rock this trend.

We love all of these trendy looks, but which one is your fave that you're willing to try?

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Get The Look: Beachy Waves

Beachy waves can be accomplished with a subtle wave to even soft curls depending on the look you’re going for. Let’s face it, everyone’s hair is different. Finding a method that works best for you comes with lots of experimenting so get to it!

Beachy Waves in 5 Easy Steps:

1) For extra volume, apply a volumizing product at the roots when hair is wet then blow dry.

2) Spray a texturizer all over your hair.

3) There are 3 tools to consider: flat iron, curling iron, and triple barrel curling iron. For a softer look, try a flat iron. A triple barrel curling iron is great for creating mermaid like hair. I, personally, use a one inch curling iron. Without using the clamp, wrap a small piece of hair around the barrel. Curl away from your face!

4) Run your fingers through your curls to create a tousled, messy look.

5) Finish with a light hairspray to keep your curls in tact and bouncy.

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Photo: Victoria Secret

American Idol Launching a Clothing Line

Things just got a lot more fashionable over at the American Idol camp.  It was just recently announced that Tommy Hilfiger is joining the show as an image advisor, and as a fishtail to that news, the show just announced that they will launch an exclusive clothing collection at Kohl’s stores.

The line will be called Authentic Icon, and will release in April 2012, featuring rock star styles for young men and women. 

But don’t hesitate to throw on your rock-god wear.  The collection will only be available through June, the same length of time as the show.  And not to worry, you’ll be able to see the looks in action on the big stage before you scoop them up, as contestants will wear the collection in coming episodes.

So will you shop the rocker collection?

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Photos: Kohl's

Look We Love: Funky Fresh Party

Finding just the right party outfit that will have you stand out among the crowd can be a challenge. But sporting a show-stopping bodycon dress with a funky print will surely be worthy of a double take. When coming across this look, we could think nothing but "Yes, yes...YES!" Now this is cool style. We love the artsy, Keith Haring-inspired prints throughout this dress, perhaps because there's a special place in our hearts for the 80s and 90s (despite the overly teased hairdos). And since the dress is such an awesome statement piece, the minimal accessories make this ensemble that much more on trend. From the chunky chain necklace and the skinny belt that accentuates those curves, to the solid colored clutch and chic pair of platform pumps, this party-perfect outfit embodies the spring season in a fresh, funky way! Speaking of trendy, we spot those neon orange nails too! So if you're looking to try a daring going-out look, keep this look we love in mind!
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Photo: Gabi Fresh

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You Can’t Fake Fashion: New CFDA Handbags!

Remember last year when the Council of Fashion Designers of America sold a collection of designer handbags for their “You Can’t Fake Fashion” campaign?  (Hint:  they sold out instantly!)

Well it’s time for round 2, and the CFDA has teamed up with eBay to bring to you a collection of designer bags that are pro real, and anti-counterfeit!  75 top labels like Calvin Klein, Kate Spade, and Diane von Furstenberg have created personalized bags and totes to raise awareness against buying and supporting counterfeit goods.

The bags will sell for $200, and there are also 4 totes available at $45 each.  Proceeds will go to support the CFDA Foundation to fight copied goods from entering the marketplace. 

Will you shop the collection? 

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Photos: CFDA, eBay

Nicole Richie Covers Flare Magazine!

We don't normally cover the happenings of our favorite fashion mags that hail from abroad, but the April edition of Flare Magazine is definitely worth sharing! Hollywood style star (and now, fashion designer) Nicole Richie is on the cover of the Canadian publication, looking purely luxurious in a decadent Roberto Cavalli sequin jacket--from the major Fall 2012 collection--and gladiator-esque skirt to match. The lovely spring issue of Flare is in stores now, so be sure to get your hands on it asap!
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Photos: Fashion Gone Rogue. Video: Nicole Richie

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Hunger Games: Elizabeth Banks’s Bold Neon Style!

The excitement and anticipation is bursting at the seams this week as 2 major events happen:  the premiere of “The Hunger Games” and for us fashion-a-holics, Spring season!  And there’s one gal who gorgeously bridges the two together for us!

Enter: Elizabeth Banks!  She’s a supporting star in the film, and the perfect example of what’s hot for this Spring/Summer in fashion: bold neon colors, and of course, tangerine!

Scope out her most recent looks donned on the red carpet during her whirlwind global premiere tour for the film.  Very drool worthy my dear!

Super bright and extra bold tangerine?  Yes!  Elizabeth rocks the color of the year in a stunning one-shoulder Versace dress with nude Jimmy Choo peep-toes.  Mercy!

One of the most elegant, feminine, and sexy silhouettes is a long backless number, and the lovely Miss Banks works it magically in this remarkable citrus yellow gown and clutch featuring Bill Blass!  

Let's not forget the other hot color for the Spring/Summer, a bold electric pink!  This to the knee Irene Neuwirth ensemble is to die for with that color.  Marc Jacob heels complete the look.

Tangerine never looked so chic in this floor length ball gown by Elie Saab.  With gorgeous beading and lace overlay, this dress not only elongates with the cut and detailing, but makes Elizabeth look fire hot on the red carpet!

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Photos: Getty Images

5 Hot Shoe Trends for Spring 2012

Tomorrow is officially the first day of Spring, the day we have all been waiting for! We covered fashion, beauty, accessories, swimwear, and now it's time to talk shoes. This Spring is all about fun colors and fresh styles. Check out the below the 5 hot shoe trends for Spring 2012!

1) Floral

Sweet floral prints definitely scream Spring. While we are all quite familiar with this trend, floral printed shoes make their return once again. Floral is such an easy print to pull off and creates such a playful look. Some floral printed pumps and white skinny jeans sounds just right! We think it's safe to say we have a floral obsession.

2) Espadrille
Spring and Summer bring the best of espadrille shoes. is the perfect season to pair them with shorts! This Spring expect to see espadrille wedges totally decked out in candy-coated colors. Espadrille wedges, especially, are always a must-have every year because of the comfort and support they provide. For those who still want to be cute and comfortable, we say espadrille wedges all the way!

3) Two-Tone
Two-toned shoes are just downright gorgeous. They are absolutely necessity in your shoe closet! Two-toned shoes with complimentary colors are fabulous with a solid or even printed dress. This trend is amazing if you desperately need to add a pop of color to your ensemble.

3) Platform
We have always been a big fan of platform shoes. Platforms are better than ever! This yearlong trend is designed even more beautifully for Spring with bows, floral prints, and pastel colors. We love that platforms are so easy to wear yet still dress up a look. Rock a jumper and some platform pumps!

5) Pastel
Make sure your shoes closet is fully equipped with some pastel shades. Pastel shades are feminine and work well with the Spring vibe. These lighter, softer shades are breathtaking. Try a pastel colored shoe with a floral dress this season.

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Photo: Urban OG

How To Wear It: Darling Day Dresses

When headed out and about, most of us grab our trusty go-to look (typically jeans and a t-shirt) to do our daily runs. But we think, whether you've got a list full of errands or have a lunch date with friends, day dresses are a great way to go for a look that is easy, stylish, and minimal. We love this chiffon day dress with the drop waist and dainty eyelet-trimmed hem. It's a perfect item for both spring and summer, and can be worn casually during the day and dressed up by night! The floppy hat, drawstring bag, and ankle booties add a trendy-cool feel to this otherwise feminine outfit.

Get your hands on a lovely day dress from Urban OG now so you can sport this look in your own way!
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Photos: Tuula Vintage

Friday, March 16, 2012

Look We Love: Neon Colorblocking

Go green for St. Patrick's Day...or should we say go neon green! In the spirit of St. Patrick, we are crazy in love with this ensemble! You may be feeling the pressure of wearing green to celebrate, but there is some good news. You can definitely turn it up a notch this weekend with some neon colorblocking. There are many things we adore about this ensemble from the solid neons to the magnificent colorblocking to the cutouts. Lastly, finish off with some pink nail polish. This look is perfect to celebrate St. Patrick's Day while still adding that splash of green to your outfit. Be bright and beautiful this weekend!

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Photo: Cheyenne Meets Chanel

St. Patrick’s Day Outfit Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner… uh… er… tomorrow, March 17th!  And no one wants to get pinched (ok ok, unless it’s by a cute boy or current crush J

So instead of wearing the same ole Kelly green traditional outfits, or (yikes) those funny Halloween-looking beer girl costumes with garter belts and stockings… we say bring on a fresh fashionable change!  Enter:  mint green, the softer, more fashion forward sister to Kelly!

Mint can come in a variety of ways, from a pale, barely there whisper, to a much more attention grabbing hue… but either way, we can’t get enough of this fresh color.  Here are some outfit ideas to get you going for Saturday, and the rest of the Spring!

I can't get enough of this outfit.  The semi-bold mint hue of the slightly sheer mint maxi dress, highlighted under a soft orange blazer is a perfect Spring time combination.  The dress features a hi-low hemline which is one of the season's must haves, they make any pair of legs look spectacular!

Oversized sweaters add instant chicness to your look.  Paired with a full pleated skirt and ankle stockings under mint chunky heels keeps the look super fresh, flirty, and ultra feminine.  Keep the accessories neutral like the brown bag and simple necklace.

I love the confidence she exudes in this look.  The mint skirt borders on a slight teal twinge which adds total uniqueness to the color.  Paired with a dark button down cardigan, flirty purple and black lace top, and black strappy wedges, this look is sophisticated and divine.

You can never go wrong with a maxi skirt, especially for the Spring and Summer seasons.  This showcases the ultra pale form mint can take on, which creates a breathy, whimsical feel.  The look on the left matches the feminine skirt with an oversized boxy sweater and neutral bag, while the look on the right took a western button down tied to mid-riff level, and a darker teal bag.  Pair maxi skirts with flat sandals for an effortless feel.

Look!  Even the lovely Kim Kardashian knows how to rock the mint trend.  Spotted pumping gas and looking fabulous, that bold mint blazer over all black ensemble is simply to die for!  Wearing all black and adding a pop of color really gives your outfit a tailored and classic look!

Let's not forget mint pants!  This is a unique way to wear the color, and paired with a pale mint top, you have a lovely color-blocked outfit that is quite striking.  Match with neutral pumps and clutch and you're ready for an evening out, or a fashionable time at the office.

Last but not least, if you don't want to go all out with the mint color in your wardrobe, how about adding it to your nails?  Mint nails are absolutely some of my fav's this season, and I can't tell you how many compliments I get on them.  This surprising nail color actually works with a ton of wardrobe ensembles, and creates a nice fresh pop!

So have fun this St. Patty's, and enjoy the mint color all season!

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Photos:  fashionlatest, chictopia, siena-hoggiato, terrylowe