Monday, March 5, 2012

Cartier’s Stunning Ads Hit the Screen! Watch it Here!

In between working last night, I took some time off to sit down and watch the Celebrity Apprentice (I have a slight crush on Donald Trump… ok ok… a big crush :)

Upon one of the commercial breaks, a beautiful piece of cinematic film unfolded.  At first I assumed it would be a short 15 seconds… then it kept going… and going… and going…..

A full 3:30 minutes later the Cartier logo appeared, and I knew I had just witnessed fashion ad history being made! 

After doing some reading, I discovered that I had witnessed the small screen debut of the French jewelry house’s most ambitions screen advertisement in more than a decade, name “The Cartier Odyssey.”  And it was quite a magnificent sight to see.

One word:  Exquisite.  

With 3 panthers (yes, real panthers), a life-size replica of a 1906 biplane, and model Shalom Harlow, the short film took a crew of 60 to Prague, Spain, the Italian Dolomites, and Paris.  They also virtually simulated Russia, China, and India to take us on a voyage through Cartier’s iconic creations.

And let me not forget the most impressive part of the ad:  The Panthere Bracelet which held a 51.58-carat green beryl, onyx spots and nose, and emerald eyes with “fur” diamonds to create the signature panther!  Oh… and that 13.4-carat solitaire diamond ring wasn’t too bad either…

Part of me wondered if this was just overdone, and the other part of me just marveled at it’s glory!  I might not personally be a huge fan of diamonds in general, given their deeply harrowing ties to tragedy in Africa, but if they’re certified clean, they sure can be a sight to see!

All in all, this was a breathtaking piece of cinematography in my eyes.

What do you think of the ad?

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