Friday, March 2, 2012

Bruce Willis Launches a Women’s Perfume?

Are you scratching your head like I am at the moment, or is this something we should have seen coming?  Either way… it’s true… the “Die Hard” star Bruce Willis is launching a women’s perfume!

The perfume is called “Lovingly by Bruce Willis” and it’s aimed as a declaration of love to his new wife Emma Heming-Willis, offering a glimpse into their true love and zeal for life.  While I don’t exactly swoon to a marketing plan, I suppose there might be something sweet about it. 

I just don’t picture the rough and tuff, and sometimes aloof star as creating a fragrance that smells like a woman should.  The top note captures the essence of green citrus fruits, contains a flower heart note of white blossoms, and sandalwood and musk meet at the base to give warmth.

It’s packaged in a lovely bottle to match the dress of his wife who’s images graces the ads. 

The perfume will be available only at in Europe for around 35 Euros, along with a shower gel, body lotion, and deodorant spray.  Nothing says love like deodorant spray after all!

Will you be wearing Bruce?

Posted by:  Spankie V.

Photos: LR Health and Beauty

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