Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunger Games: The Fire Dress Sketches!

Charlotte Ronson's sketch, one of my favorites!

This is so very cool, I had to post a blog about it.  So it’s no secret that today is a huge day for book and movie fans alike, as “The Hunger Games” opened today (ahem… who’s already seen it 3 times?)!

There has been much anticipation as to what  the fire dress will look like, with Jennifer Lawrence, who plays the lead Katniss Everdeen, describing it by saying, “I’m in a simple back unitard that covers me from ankle to neck, shiny leather boots lace up to my knees, but it’s the fluttering cape streaming with orange, yellow and red and the matching headpiece that define the costume.”  What a gorgeous description.

So InStyle took to their major designer friends and asked them to create a sketch based off of what they thought the look would be.  What do you think?

Christian Cota creates what actually looks like a cape that is set ablaze on the edges.  Stellar!

Rachel Roy went with a more couture fashion angle, with a blaze-like train and petticoat skirt, featuring the mockingjay symbol at the top of the boots.

Christian Siriano stays true to the description with a simple unitard, laceup boots, and firey cape.

Tadashi Shoji creates a more romantic, elegant ball gown for Katniss.  Not sure we'd see her slinging arrows in this gown, but it would sure look stunning at an awards gala!

Which one’s your favorite sketch?

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Photos: Instyle

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