Monday, November 25, 2019

Trend Spotting: Chap Boots!

Chap boots otherwise described as thigh high boots attached with a belt are a huge trend this year since Rhianna rocked them, it got the fashion industry rethinking is this fisherman style.... actually chic? Here at UrbanOG we think chap boots are a definite HOT. Pair them with denim shorts, some sick jeans, a sexy bodysuit, denim shorts, or romper like RiRi and your good to go girl. No doubt this look can be dressed down or up for a full on showstopper look. Trying chap boots and have awesome way to style them? Don't forget to post and #LOVEUOG on insta for a chance to be featured on our story!

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Friday, November 22, 2019

Thanksgiving Outfits Ideas

Hi girlies! Turkey Day is coming right around the corner and you might be wondering what outfits to rock or what colors are in for family parties, events, gatherings. We've gathered some cute OOTD inspirations to follow to give you that effortless stylish look for the big holiday. Inspired by any of our fits? Make sure to #LOVEUOG on insta for your chance to be featured on our page. Happy Gobble Gobble Day!

Large Faux Fur Coat: Pair with some neutral trousers or jeans and nude heels

Warm Colored Frilly Blouse: Pair with white jeans and saffron slides

Oversized Sweater: (Perfect for extra roomage once the Thanksgiving festivities start) Wear with pants or tucked under a skirt, pair with nude pumps 

Champagne/Nude Sweater Dress: Pair with some statement earrings and thigh high boots to complete the look. 
Graphic Tee: Make sure to stay in warmer colors with this and match with rust colored jeans, and black strappy sandals.

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Monday, November 18, 2019

Nail Colors and Trends To Keep a Lookout For

Now that nails have been becoming more of an accessory for us gals. Many have realized that color and style of your nails have a big impact on your style and over all look. This cute fashion statement packs a huge difference in your otherwise statement-less manicures. Here at UrbanOG we like to keep updated on the latest trends. These are our favorite trends for Fall/Winter 2019. Make sure to #LOVEuOG of your favorite seasons nail color!

Glitter and Appliques: Add a bit of sparkle or simplified pearls and rhinestones

Long extensions: Huge trend alert this season is a statement defining long nail extensions

The New French: A new take on the 90's french manicure trend. Invert the colors or add a pop of color along the sides or outline of your nails.

Spiced Neutrals: Nothing compliments the weather more than this warm color. Use a pumpkin type color story to spice up your look.

White Christmas: Flattering, yet girly and bold. White nails compliment most skin tones and add elegance and boldness to your nails.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Trend Spotting: Winter Boots You Need to Have!

With the blizzard comin through you need some tough boots to get you through the weather. But why look frumpy and over covered when you can step into the season with major STYLE! Here at UrbanOG we LOVE winter season. All the more chances to rock some stylish layered fashion along with your ultra HOT combat boots, eskimo inspired fur booties, or sleek rain boots to show off. Check out some our favorite WINTER 2019 boot trends for an affordable price and great quality! Tag #loveuOG for some love on our IG.

Sleek Platform Combat Boots
Waterproof Rain Boots 
Cozy Eskimo Fur Boots 
Shearling Boots 
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Monday, November 4, 2019


Snake is a definite staple in our wardrobe. But have ya'll wanted a twist on the upcoming trend. Well here at UrbanOG we got you. MULTI SNAKE on MULTI SNAKE.... that's right i said it multi snake! Let's go CRAZY with it. Multi snake = snake skin in rainbow colors. This trend is so hot and stands out from the rest! Rainbow multi snake. We are OBSESSED, it stands out AF and can MAKE your outfit from plain to poppin. Check out some of our hottest styles in this color. ;]

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