Friday, August 31, 2012

Look We Love: Anorak Jacket

I say this with great sadness in my heart:  the final weekend of summer is upon us!  It's a good thing this is a blog and not an in person conversation, otherwise you'd see the tear that fell on my cheek!  

Not really.... but this is the unofficial last weekend of summer being that it's Labor Day Weekend, and even though the temps are still piping hot here in Southern California, that will soon change, and our fashion will have to do so accordingly.

Enter our new favorite fall staple, the anorak jacket.  This dandy little piece wasn't something I had paid much attention to in previous fashionable years, but I'm seeing it more and more as a transitional must have.  The beauty is that it comes in several degrees of warmth.  You can grab a single layer one that has a lightweight feel perfect for the cool nights of fall, or grab a full out fur lined one (Vegan if you like) that will keep you toasty-roasty in the winter chill.

The anorak is super versatile with its military green hue.  Wear it loose fitted over a sweater dress, a cable sweater and shorts, or like this look, over a classic white T and some skinny jeans.

And for a wonderful pop and contrast to the neutral tones of the jacket, try a vibrant splash of color in your shoes like these delightful fall orange booties!

So armor up your anorak!  It's going to be a fun fall!

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(photo: Districtofchic)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Skullcandy's New Model Campaign

Well it seems the era of the supermodel, recently said to be dead, is making a strong comeback.  This time, through headphone company Skullcandy.

For their newest campaign, Skullcandy features the scantily clad bodys and faces of models Chanel Iman, Kate Upton, Chrissy Teigen and Jessica Stam.

While we may not know the link between tiny bikinis and headphones, we do like to see the lovely young faces of the modeling world climbing up the supermodel ladder of success.

What do you think about the campaign?  Take a look at the fun photos below!

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(Photos: Skullcandy)


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lea Michele Turns 26 Today!

Lea Michele has been a busy busy young woman!  The Bronx beauty skyrocketed to fame playing the character Rachel Berry on the hit TV show Glee, and before that, was singing on Broadway in major shows like Ragtime and Spring Awakening.

And she's showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.  The brunette sweetheart turns 26 years old today, and we thought we'd celebrate by showing some of our favorite looks she's donned down the red carpet.  And since she's frequently in the company of designers like Versace, Emilio Pucci, and Oscar de la Renta, we don't mind celebrating with an extra bit of excitement! 

Looking particularly sexy in Emilio Pucci (left) and Amen (right)

Showcasing her feminine side, again in Emilio Pucci (left) and Giorgio Armani (right)

Well I think it's safe to say she's a fan of Emilio Pucci (left) and who can blame her!  But we also swoon for this Versace mini on the right!

Looking radiant in this nude shimmery Valentino (left) and looking leggy in Emilio Pucci (right)

(photos: Ann Porter, NBC, Wire Images, Ciao Hollywood, Axelle)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Look We Love: Polka Dot Pants

In case you somehow haven't noticed, patterned pants are insanely popular this summer.  From floral jeans, to checkers, to paint spatter designs, and the fall will be no exception to this awesomely fun and feminine rule.

We're especially excited about the polka dot pants.  You remember pants right?  Those non-denim, long legged things that keep you looking slender (and warm!).  Well we just fell in love with our favorite new pair:  the polka dot pants.

These are effortlessly fun, chic, and feminine all at the same time, and their unexpected, eye-grabbing boldness are what draw the compliments of everyone who sees them.

Pair them with a solid top, or lightly patterned neutral to keep the attention from fighting with the pants, and some chunky neutral heels and you've got one stellar combo!

Connect the dots anyone?

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(Photo:  Views)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Look We Love: Black Leather Skirt

The end of summer is bringing out a surge of the classics.  Black bikinis are popping up all over celebrity bods, and black on black wardrobes are making their bold, anti-color statements once again.

This particular look features one of our fall fashion favorites, the black leather skirt.  What's so great about a skirt like this is it instantly feels weather appropriate as the season shifts and the temperatures drop every so slightly into fall.

We love this pleated version of the skirt, which gives the tough edgy leather a feminine touch and flare, which also is one of the most flattering ways to wear your leathers.  Skin tight would feel too "lady of the evening"  for this day friendly look.

Ramping up the girly touch even more, the skirt is paired with a semi-cropped black tank, and black ankle strap stilettos.  

And since it still is technically summer, don't forget the oversized sunnies!

What do you think of the look?

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(photo: Jamour)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Look We Love: Peplum and Pastel

If there's one thing we love, and love to talk about, it's wardrobe pieces that flatter the body type.  Better yet, pieces that flatter just about any body type you can think of.

Enter one of our favorite stars of body transforming silhouettes:  peplum.  It's a timeless, season-less style that keeps a woman looking like a woman for all the right reasons.  Here's how:  peplum tops gently nip in a the waist and flare out just below the nipping, giving the illusion of an hourglass shape.  And where it truly shines?  It works double duty... if you have a boyish figure, it'll instantly add curve.  If you already have a curvy figure, it will gently play off your curves, accentuating them while narrowing your waist, making you even more bombshell.

Trust us.  It works wonders!  And we love the way this outfit was put together for the end of summer, by mixing a gorgeous pastel mint peplum top over some white cropped jeans.  The genius behind this look, though, is in the smaller details.  The ankle strap sandals keep the pants from cutting off the look of the leg by continuing the line down the legs into the feet, helping to make the legs look longer.  And that turquoise bag?  A beautiful way to really draw out the pale mint hues of the top and tie the look together!

All in all, the peplum top is a must!  What do you think?

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(photo: danidaniramirez)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fall Fashion Shoes: What's the Trend?

Well the time has come to approach the edge and dive head first into Fall Fashion!  And while the summer coming to a close brings a little sadness, we're also quite thrilled as Fall fashion is one of (if not THE) our most favorite seasons.

While we're excited about the change of color palates that the season brings by default, we're doubly excited about the new trends we'll be sporting on our feet this coming season.  Fall fashion shoes have already begun to flood the market, and after doing a video haul on the major trends (watch below) you'll see this season, the cap toe, boots, metallics, and jewel tones, we figured you guys deserved a proper photo viewing of what's on trend in fall shoes.

Fall is a transitional season, and it's a perfect time to bring out the boots.  We love boots that are ankle and mid-calf high for the reason that they still keep you on the cooler side as there is still warmth in the air.  Look for studded details, and fold down cuffs to add versatility to the boot which gives you more outfit options for your buck.  Pair them with a dress, florals, skirts, biker jacket, jeans, you name it, they're your new go to this season.  

We've also been slightly obsessed over the cap-toe heel that's hit the fashion world as of late.  Especially the pointy toe which is making a bold comeback (finally!).  Look for neutral colors that elongate the look of your leg and are most versatile, and now, look for them in metallic hues like the neutral gold above.  You'll be seeing metallic over the feet of women everywhere, especially in the cap-toe style and in flats, loafers, and even oxfords.

Lastly, set your sights on some jem/jewel toned shoes.  These are the deeper, slightly darker and cooler versions of the bright summer colors you've been wearing the past several months.  Colors like ruby, sapphire, dark peacock, deep purples, and burgundy are a good place to start.

And if you're feeling very adventurous, go for a jem toned heel-less wedge!  The style is all the rage, and it's surprisingly comfortable.

So what do you think?  Which style are you most excited about for fall?

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Look We Love: Chic Rock

While we may spend a lot of time gushing over the looks of glamour and elegant sophistication that resides on the "other side" of the spending spectrum, we can't help but pull back to the basics and relish a look more casual, yet full of punch.  

We're talking about the graphic T shirt.  The timeless style that will always be in, and a go-to for both casual fashionistas and celebrity gurus alike.  What makes this particular look so special is the pairing of the tough band T with an ultra feminine mini skirt.  The pop of orange color in the mini works effortlessly with the T shirt, both bringing out the best sides of each-other.

Topping the look off with a cross body, brown messenger bag, leather flat motorcycle boots, and leather jacket, and you've got a killer, edgy, yet amazingly comfy and chic look perfect for a day (or night) on the town in the hot summer fun.

Don't forget the aviator's!

What do you think of the look?

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(photo: larissacunegundes)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Anthropologie Launches Lipstick Line!

"Bisque"                                                  "Claret"

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!  And in this case, where your Bisque or Mauvette painted mouth is!

One of our favorite beauty brands, Anthropologie, is finally launching its own lipstick line, and we couldn't be more thrilled!  The colors are inspired by the glamour and understated decadence of Old Hollywood, ranging in 6 very wearable hues for different moods and skin types.  The colors run from warm roses to a true, gorgeous crimson.

Each color comes in a lovely and sophisticated gold case, and best of all, the lipsticks are infused with vitamin E and argan oil to keep your pursed lips soft and moisturized.

The lipsticks are $18 each, and will be available online this month!

So what do you think of the colors?

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"Mauvette"                                                  "Mulberrt"

"Peony"                                                  "Vermillion"

Monday, August 20, 2012

Juicy Couture's First Fashion Film

If it hasn't been made clear by other femme super hero/rebel films, it is now... girls kick ass.  In fact, if you Tweet just that, you'll not only be making a bold statement, but helping charity as well!

Juicy Couture just released their debut fashion film, the first ever for the brand, in honor of their Take No Prisoners attitude.  And their using the film, which stars Karlie Kloss as a booty kicking femme fatale, to help raise money for Step Up Women's Network, a nonprofit organization that empowers underprivileged teen girls through mentorship.

Fashion never looked so good.

So what do you have to do?  It's easy.  Every time you Tweet with the hashtag #GirlsKickAss and @juicycouture together, $1 goes to the organization.  So you have from now through the end of September to squeeze your tweets in and help out girls who deserve a better life.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Look We Love: The Chambray Top

If there's one thing we've been loving all summer, it's the massive surge of popularity the chambray top has seen.  And it has got its eyes set on the fall season too!  Yay!

There are endless ways one could rock the denim top, whether with alternate colored jeans, a crochet pair of shorts, lace, or over a swimsuit.  I came across this look and just had to share as it's a bit unique and a perfect bridge from summer to fall.

The look is simple:  take a pair of neutral high waisted shorts, tuck in a solid top, in this case a black one, and throw over a chambray top that's longer than the legs of the shorts.  It creates an instant artsy feel, almost giving the top a painter's smock feel.  

Layer some necklaces and add either some pumps to elongate the legs, or even a pair of funky flats for a casual look, and you're ready for a relaxed and fashionable day.

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(photo:  Flattery)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Katy Perry for GHD: New Campaign

While Katy Perry may be know for her whimsical costumes and pop driven music, the spotlight is set at a slightly different angle right now.... her hair!

The Wide Awake singer is the campaign face once again for hair care company GHD.  But there's something different about this campaign and we like it.  

Last time, GHD shot Miss Perry in a theatrical style role, playing enchanted characters.  This time, it's all about natural beauty and a fresh, modern style.  And we almost didn't recognize her!  Photographer Ellen von Unwerth did a superb job capturing a more relatable, elegant side of the singer, and the black and white palate create a classic touch of vintage to the work.

What do you think of the campaign?

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(photo: GHD)

Monday, August 13, 2012

How to Wear It: Summer to Fall Transition

While some of us are still right smack in the middle of a summer heat wave (ahem, ahem, Los Angeles, it's getting a little hot out here!) there are those of us who are already starting to feel the weather transition into a touch of Fall.  

And before we know it, cooler temps will once again fool us, as we look out the window thinking it's a hot summer day, but step out and feel that things aren't quite what they seem.  Enter: the summer to fall transition wardrobe.

Come the fall, we'll start to see a bevy of leather return to the scene, metallic accents, and military green hues.  When you're out during the day, keeping it cool up top with a lightweight white tank is a great look over some vegan leather skinny pants.  When wearing a piece like these pants, it's best to keep them skinny or slim fit, as bulky flared legs will only envelope your figure.

As the day progresses to the evening and the temperatures see a steeper-than-normal summertime drop, that's when you bring out the military inspired, lightweight cardigan.  It adds the warmth needed without going over the top in a full on jacket, and fits wonderfully with the leather pants and white T.  

Accent with some studded silver accessories, black boots to elongate the look of your legs, and neutral bag, and you're ready for whatever the fall weather preview has to offer!

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(photo: Marcella)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Look We Love: Bow Ties

Ok so there's one look that we just can't get enough of these days.... you may adore it already, or may be new to it, but we thinks it's here to stay through fall and beyond.  What's the look?  The bow tie collar!  

We just featured an adorable top in the back to school video, and we've seen it pop up everywhere, from summer looks, to pre-fall fab shows and we're excited.  The look can be achieved with a top that has a built in bow, or you can add your own bow tie to any shirt you like with a collar using a thin scarf.

This look is pulled together beautifully as a mix of summer and fall.  We love the bright pink top, accessorized with the black bow tie, and highlighted with a rolled-sleeved blazer and high waisted shorts.  The look is fall worthy with some nude and white fishnet stockings, and adorable black loafer flats (major fall trend alert!)

Finish the look with gold accessories and a black bag, and you've got a look ready for school or a fun time out on the town.  Conservative in it's upper coverage, and classic with it's fashionista edge.  Love!

What do you think of the look?

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(Photo: Chictopia, Fancigiraffe)