Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Top Fans $100 Giveaway Winner: Laura Zamorano

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Victoria's Secret Photo Shoot

Miss Victoria has been busy.... and she's letting us in on her new secret!  Victoria's Secret launches it's new Body by Victoria Collection today, and we found some behind the scenes photos with angels Behati Prinsloo, Erin Heatherton, Karlie Kloss and Candice Swanepoel we thought we'd share.

The new collection boasts comfy bras, demis and push-ups (duh!) arriving in all their pink and lacy glory.  Adam Levine's finance, model Behati calls says the collection is "like a girl-next-door look."

I'm not sure in what neighborhood the girls next door look like that, but we'll go with it!  

Peep some shots of the makeup used (NARS and Dior anyone?), the row of Christian Louboutin silver pumps (drool) and some happy faces as the girls are prepped and... er.... clothed for the shoot.



What do you think of the new collection?

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Overalls are having a serious moment... like, serious.  More and more often I'm seeing some of the top bloggers, fashion icons, and fashion lovers posting pics of their casual brunch outfits featuring the long lost farmer friend, the coveralls.  Well all so often, what once was lost, is now found.

Overalls come in many styles, colors, and even fabrics.... hello leather!  But one thing remains pretty consistent with this look:  it's effortless and casual.  

If you're thinking about trying on this revived trend, keep it loose and simple.  Skin tight overalls will only look like exactly that... skintight and uncomfortable.  This look is meant to be easy breezy, think: your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans, with a top.

Overalls pair well with loose fit T-shirts, button down blouses, and rolled cuffs.  Add some chunky heels to keep the look grounded, or some casual flats, and don't forget to experiment with color!  That's where half the fun comes in!

So what do you think?  Will you be giving this trend a try?

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Congratulations to this week's winner, Katrina Valenti!

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Michelle Williams Models for Louis Vuitton!

Ok... I need a moment.... like for real... How gorgeous does Michelle Williams look?  Seriously!  I can't stop marveling at just how beautiful the wonderfully talented actress looks in this new campaign!

We shouldn't at all be surprised that miss Michelle Williams is now the front face of Louis Vuitton's new fall campaign, after all, she does happen to love the brand during those "all-eyes-on-me" red carpet moments.

Showcasing the newest W handbag design (which deserves it's own post!) she looks both haunting, dark, and innocent all at the same time.  The deep red lips, classic.  The almost black polish, stunning.  And that pixie... perfection!

What do you think of the campaign?  We're super stoked to see it when it hits the September issues!
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(photos: Peter Lindbergh for Louis Vuitton)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Congratulations to this week's winner: Emily J Watterson

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

ESPY Awards Fashion Recap!

Hey there fashionable sports fans!  Or... er.... fashion fans who stumbled onto a sports event?  Well, whichever category you fall into, we've got you covered.  I mean, fashion is a sport in it's own right... isn't it?

Last night Los Angeles hosted the 2013 ESPY Awards, where sports stars like Michael Phelps, Shaq and a bunch of other perfect fitness bodied people were recognized for their achievements.  But what are we most interested in?  The red carpet fashion of course!

Fashion darling starlets like Olivia Wilde, Chrissy Teigen, and Selena Gomez walked the red carpet in true fashion, donning good friends like Dolce & Gabbana, and J. Mendel.  And while the event doesn't lend itself toward long ball gowns, we were delighted by the medley of bold citrus hues (thanks Chrissy!) and playful cuts and patterns.  

Our favorite for the night was the lovely Gabby Douglas, who not only shines in the fashion world, but kicks some serious a## on the gymnastics floor as well (Olympic gold medals anyone?)

And don't be fooled, those killer high-high heels require a level of athleticism that would make even Kobe Bryant nervous.  

Who wore your favorite look?

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(photos: WireImage, Splash News, All Access)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Remembering Talia Joy

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves frozen in time.  Frozen in a moment where everything seems to come to a quiet still, and words escape us.  There are no words that could ever capture the loss the world has just known with the passing of Talia Joy, the always cheerful young girl who loved beauty and fashion, and most of all, life.  

The vibrant, full of life beauty, merely 13 years old, passed on from this life after a 6 year fight against cancer.

And while she may no longer be on this Earth, her bright spirit and positive legacy has been an inspiration to millions, and she will shine as bright as the sun, warming our hearts forever. 

Gone too soon.... but never forgotten.  Sweet dreams beautiful angel.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Congratulations to the winner, Nia Mendonza!

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Congratulations to this week's winner: Angela Reeves

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Trend: Clashing Fashion

Summer is fully under way, and this season, we've seen some pretty unique trends pop up that haven't really had a moment in the past.  Trends like black and white, short crop tops and neon are typically pretty standard, but this summer, a bold new trend has hit the streets that will either have you jumping for rule-breaking joy, or hiding from the statement all together.

We're talking about fashion clashing.  Fashion clashing is a daring mixing up of prints and colors.  Virtually any print on print, and color on color.  It's wild, it's unapologetic, and it's happening not only on the runways, but in everyday.

While this trend might look downright tacky and too over-the-top to some, there actually is a bit of an art form to the madness.  Casual rule #1:  keep your color scheme in the same stratosphere when possible!

While clashing tons of colors together is experimental and fun, if you keep your colors in the same temperature palate (i.e. warm colors with warm, and cool colors with cool) you'll keep the trend looking like a fashion trend, and less like you just rolled out of bed and dressed in the dark!

And make sure your patterns are bold and different.  Stripes work as a fantastic base pattern for florals, polka dots, and watercolor prints.  

And less is more.  You don't necessarily want to overwhelm your frame with tons of layers with this look.   Go for a top and bottom, solid pair of heels to ground the look, and bag.  If you start throwing on a printed vest, jacket, scarf, and bag, you may make some people dizzy looking at you.

But most importantly, have fun with this look!  You don't have to go as extreme as the runways and circus inspired clash, a little goes a long way.

What do you think of this trend?

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Fall 2013 Couture Fashion Week Wrap Up!

Seriously... can you believe we're already talking about Fall Fashion?  And not just talking about it, the big shows have already commenced, and we're neck deep (literally, just look at the neckline above) in couture recapping one of our favorite seasons.

Paris just wrapped up Fall 2013 Couture Fashion Week, and it was a glorious affair.  With over-the-top handmade, details it would make some cross-eyed with enthusiasm.  We are currently gushing over gowns from Valentino, Vionnet, Ellie Saab, Christian Dior, and that above beaut, by Zahair Murad.

All dresses ready for the red carpet, we can't wait to see who might snatch these up for their own star-studded fashion affair. 

Which dress was your favorite?

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