Friday, July 26, 2013

Overalls are having a serious moment... like, serious.  More and more often I'm seeing some of the top bloggers, fashion icons, and fashion lovers posting pics of their casual brunch outfits featuring the long lost farmer friend, the coveralls.  Well all so often, what once was lost, is now found.

Overalls come in many styles, colors, and even fabrics.... hello leather!  But one thing remains pretty consistent with this look:  it's effortless and casual.  

If you're thinking about trying on this revived trend, keep it loose and simple.  Skin tight overalls will only look like exactly that... skintight and uncomfortable.  This look is meant to be easy breezy, think: your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans, with a top.

Overalls pair well with loose fit T-shirts, button down blouses, and rolled cuffs.  Add some chunky heels to keep the look grounded, or some casual flats, and don't forget to experiment with color!  That's where half the fun comes in!

So what do you think?  Will you be giving this trend a try?

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Miche said...

I've been seeing them a lot lately too (even have my own right now) It's a fun trend