Monday, September 30, 2013

Patterned Tights Style Guide

(photo: Chictopia user - MICHAELA_773)

Do you smell that?  Take a deep breath... exhale... ahhh yes, that's the smell of fresh autumn air!  Fall is here, officially, and I couldn't be more excited!  Why you ask?  Because fall fashion is in full swing, and I can finally start to pull out my tights and get leggy with some patterns!

Just because the temps outside are cooling off doesn't mean you have to ditch your shorts.  Au contraire mon petite belle!  Pairing tights with shorts is one of my favorite fashion trends for the fall and spring months, and a great way to really add some wow factor to your look pretty simply.  Bring on the tights!
(photo: Chictopia user - FASHIONMISSALEXANDRA)

Now, you may be most familiar with the classic tights look, which utilizes a simple semi sheer black tight under your shorts.  This look is timeless, effortless, and uber hipster chic.  When you pair dark tights with dark shoes, or some ankle booties, you'll actually create the effect of an elongated pair of gams that will have folks oggling your extra long looking stems.

But the fun really comes when you start incorporating some pattern into your tights!  Patterned tights can take an otherwise ordinary look (like the cream sweater and black shorts in the first photo above) and elevate it to new stylistic heights, simply by adding the flirty polka dots in the mix.

(photo: Chictopia user - CINDYTENG)

And the tights don't have to be extreme with their patterns.  Take the above photo for example.  I'm absolutely in love with these peacock feathered tights.  The tights themselves are super ultra sheer with one pattern on the side, giving the illusion you're not actually wearing tights, but have a leg design or tattoo, without the pain!  The asymmetrical line of the tights also create tremendous aesthetic appeal, straying from the expected into a delightful surprise.  And not much is required for such a statement pair of tights.  Just a simple pair of denim shorts and a white button down with some ankle booties and you're good to go.

(photo: Chictopia user - MELODIC_THRIFTY_CHIC) 

So what do you think of patterned tights?  Ready to give them a try?  Tweet and Instagram me your photos with #urbanog and #spankievalentine !

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Congratulations to this month’s winner, Nicole Joyce!

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Friday, September 27, 2013

How to Wear a Parka

(photo: Chictopia user - POUNPUU)

The parka.  It goes on top.  Usually with your arms through it.  It's some sort of greenish thing.  Yeah, we know.... to some of you, the parka may be as illusive as Grandma's surprise meatloaf.  I'm here to tell you, don't be afraid of Grandma's meatloaf (she loves you after all!)  And don't fear the parka either.

Actually, the parka is a little military green item of gold, especially in the fall and spring seasons.  It can come lined or unlined, depending on how cold it is or isn't, which means it's one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe.

(photo: Chictopia user - CASHMEREINSTYLE)

It typically comes in a loose fit silhouette which means it can translate to just about every body type, and plays well with a variety of looks.  Just because the parka looks traditionally like it should be paired with some army fatigues and boots, doesn't mean you have to.  In fact, this piece actually shines when you pair it with a juxtaposition piece like a flirty mini dress and cross body bag, or sexy leather pants. 

(photo: Chictopia user - THOUGHTSINPIXELS)

Unexpected pairings will take the parka (or anorak for those of you who like to blend the two) from potentially dull and utilitarian looking into something more fashion forward.  It also cozzies up well with boots, and even open toe sandals.  And hey, I just love the look created below with the denim jacket over the top for additional dimension and layering.  

(photo: Chictopia user - JENNIFERALYSSA)

So why not give the parka a try?!  You just might love it!  Got a photo of you wearing one?  Instagram and tweet it using hashtag #spankievalentine and #urbanog so we can see and repost!

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Congratulations to this week's winner, Megan Foley!

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How to Wear Leather Pants: Style Tips

(photo: Chictopia user - MAHAYANNA)

Leather pants.  Some would say, they're only for the brave.  Others, might think they belong on the legs of a weathered cowboy or clinging skin tightly to the bottom of a super skinny middle aged male rock star.  Either way, you're bound to have a strong opinion about this piece of fashion.

Our take on leather pants?  Bring em on!  Leather pants (or vegan leather for my animal loving friends) don't have to be daunting to try in your wardrobe.  If you're already rocking a pair, great, but for those of you who may be still on the fence, here are a couple tips to keep the look chic, rather than dated:  keep it simple.

(photo: Chictopia user - LAURA86)

Leather pants are a perfect fall and winter staple piece as they automatically add an edgy feel to whatever you happen to wear with it, while maintaining a sort of classic tailored appeal that also happens to keep you warm in the colder climates.  If you're trying a pair of leather skinnies, try pairing them with an ultra feminine blouse.  You can go with something fall friendly like a high shine metallic top like the first photo, or keep it more casual and laid-back looking with a simple button up.  Metallic = good for evening wear, button up = good for everything wear.

(photo: Chictopia user - FASHIONLANDSCAPE)

If you're not into the tight fitting leather skinnies, try something in a boyfriend cut or slightly baggy draping.  This kind of cut, which you more typically see in sweat pants or faded jeans, works brilliantly with leather, as you get the loose fit comfort of the cut delivered in a way that will never, ever look homely or sloppy.  Again, the leather automatically chic's up and edges out an outfit.  Pair baggy fit leathers with a sexy feminine cut top like Fashionlandscape's deep V cut, and you're good to go.

(photo: Chictopia user - EMILYLANE)

Lastly, don't forget, color is your friend.  Yes, black is classic and the safe choice, but it is also the most expected, and can feel a little harsh.  If you want a more blended way to pull of leather pants, with less edge and rock n' roll effects, yet equally classic, try a pair in a hue like burgundy, one of the best colors of the fall season.  Balance the look with some more color up top for a very flirty feel, and add some matching edge in your accessories.

So what do you think?  Ready to take leather pants for a spin?

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Emmys 2013 Red Carpet Fashion

(photo: Gilbert Flores/Broadimage)

They came, they dominated, and they looked fabulous!  Television's biggest night, the 2013 Emmys, happened on Sunday, and the red carpet was set ablaze (check out Sofia Vergara in that stunning red Vera Wang above!) with some seriously gorgeous gowns, as the women of the small screen posed picturesque for the evening's awards.

                                                   (photo: John Shearer/Invasion for Academy of Television Arts & Sciences/AP Images)

And while the ladies looked red hot, not all of them took to such firey hues as miss Vergara.  In fact, pastel colors and cobalt blue seemed to dominate this year, though there will still plenty of other risk takers (ahem, Heidi Klum, anyone?) to be seen.

We absolutely loved Zooey Deschanel in her ice blue J. Mendel gown, Jessica Pare in the flirty Oscar de la Renta floral frock, and Tina Fey in that gorgeous custom Narcisco Rodriguez gown of dazzling cobalt, my personal favorite color for the season.

So take a look as some of our tops on the fashion list.  Who did you like best?  Tell us all about it!

                                                   (photo: Jordan Strauss/Invasion/AP)

                              (photo: O'Connor-Arroyo /   (photo: John Shearer/Invasion for Academy of Television Arts & Sciences/AP Images)

                         (photo: Jordan Strauss/Invision AP)                  (photo: John Shearer/Invasion for Academy of Television Arts & Sciences/AP Images)

(photo: John Shearer/Invasion for Academy of Television Arts & Sciences/AP Images)

                                                     (photo: Jason Merritt / Getty Images)

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall Fashion Trend: Tall Socks

(photo: chictopia - Ravishingly)

Tall socks.  Enough said.  As we transition into the fall season and the weather starts to cool off, there's one fall trend that I always look forward to, and it seems to always withstand the test of trendy time, year after year.... the tall sock.
(photo: chictopia - MNIEWIELKA)

It just may be the perfect middle weather piece, as they allow you to wear your shorts, skirts, and thin leggings when it's cool out, and still keep pretty warm.  And the beauty about wearing over the knee socks in cottons, and rayons, is that they still manage to maintain a casual feel, and something "all-occasion" ready as opposed to over-the-knee leather boots that may feel inappropriate and too "sexed up" in some scenarios.

I love thigh high socks with ankle boots, and knee high boots the best as they cater to the warmth of the look, though I will say I have seen them worn with a pair of chunky peep toes and they look quite chic.  The key is to try and keep the heel thicker to help balance out the "weighty" feel of the look of the socks, especially if they are black or dark brown.

(photo: chictopia - Andrea_K)

Try them out with a pair of mid length shorts, skirts, and over your tights.  And experiment!  I love layering a couple thin pairs of alternating colors like gray and black, and scrunching them above your boots to give a nice cozy look to an outfit.

What do you think about tall socks?  Going to give it a try this season?

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Congratulations to this week's winner, Kelly Jean Martinson!

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall Street Style: Full Skirt

(photo: chictopia - KTR)

Can you believe that the first day of Fall is this Sunday?!!  I mean, seriously, did we even have Summer?  It seems to breeze by faster and faster every year, and while I love the summertime, I'm also madly in love with Fall fashion!  

So to get you started with some fresh new looks, how about taking on an old classic that's getting a revived pep:  the full skirt!  I love this look for an abundance of reasons, from its ultra feminine silhouette, to its very flirty and fun nature.  And perhaps best of all, the full skirt flatters pretty much every body type you can think of!

(photo: chictopia - KTR)

You want to aim for a full skirt that is cinched in at the waistline, or at least top the skirt off with a belt right at your waist so that you don't lose your curves under this cut.  I also recommend tucking in your blouse to further define an hourglass shape, though topping with a cardigan or sweater and knotting it at your waist works wonders as well.

Try the skirt in bold hues to add some boost of color to your fall wardrobe (that typically goes more towards blacks, grays, and browns).  And for the most updated spin on this twirling wonder, try a full skirt with a hi-low hemline cut to make the outfit more 2013 friendly, and less 1950's poodle.  

For an elegant touch, add heels, either pumps or peep-toes.  Wearing flats works fabulously as well if you want a more casual and playful look!

So what do you think of the full skirt?  Will you give it a try?

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Barbie Goes Bandage Glam in Herve Leger


Well, we can't say we're surprised!  Barbie has gone glam, and might we say, red hot glam this season!  Wrapped up in a Herve Leger by Max Azria red bandage dress a la the designer's 2012 fall collection, Barbie's look is taken from floral and pretty, to smoking hot and daring.  

Barbie comes with 2 dresses from the designer, one, a classic red bandage dress, a black corset belt straight off the runway designs, and black gladiator boots, accessorized by a custom gold clutch.  Seriously, who wouldn't want those boots?  And the pint sized version can be yours... for $150 that is.


The second dress is a black and white jacquard bandage dress with a hot studded clutch and open toed booties.  


And get this...Barbie's custom dressings were constructed in the same factory that produces the real collection.  Their biggest challenge in making the dress?  Re-adapting the patterns to fit Barbie's body!  Ha... now there's irony in there somewhere!

What do you think of the designer Barbie?
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Olivia Wilde for Avon's Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

(photo: Avon)

Miss Olivia Wilde is a busy New York gal.  Not only is she starring in the biggest doctor show on television ever, she's just been named the new face of Avon for their "Today. Tomorrow. Forever."  fragrance collection.  And true to form, the stunning actress is not only the face for 1 fragrance, but for all 3 in the collection.
(photo: Avon)

So what does Miss Wilde have to say about her new job title?  "I'm honored to be partnering with Avon as the face of the Today. Tomorrow. Always. fragrances.  I love how the collection creates a story of romance, with each fragrance encapsulating the different stages of love."

Sounds simply delightful... and intriguing.  This is actually the 10th year anniversary of the fragrances, which first launched in 2004.  Today, a white floral scent, Tomorrow, an oriental woody fragrance, and Forever, a fresh mix of florals and sensual musk.

(photo: Avon)

So are you excited to see the actress the new Avon face?  What do you think?  

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Marc Jacobs' New Collection - Preview

If there's one thing I've learned in the fashion world, it's that Marc Jacobs never fails to surprise and impress.  And after last weeks Spring/Summer 2014 collection preview, once again, the designer didn't disappoint.

Marc Jacobs doesn't confine himself to ordinary rules when it comes to design, and his dedication to fashion outside the box was greatly apparent as his collection appeared as the exact opposite juxtaposition to the traditional "spring" expectations of pastels, florals, and delicate fabrics. 

Instead, he sent dark motifs, lacey Victorian silhouettes, heavy fabrics like wool, fringe, and dark tropical prints down the runway.

Oh, and about the runway... black sand, enormous heaters, torn up fashion glossies, teepees, and a destroyed ship.... you know... Springtime stuff!


So what do you think of the collection?

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Congratulations to this week's winner, Brittany Villar!

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Tommy Hilfiger Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

(photos: Imaxtree)

True to form, Tommy Hilfiger's Spring/Summer 2014 collection did exactly what we thought it would... it delivered!  Tommy Hilfiger is light, bouncy, easy-going, and casual.  A perfect match for simple strolls in the springtime (say that 10 times fast!).

The runway was built as a beach boardwalk, complete with sand and grass dunes on the sides of it, and as an ode to SoCal's surf culture (don't mind if I do!) the blend of The Beach Boys and Red Hot Chili Peppers music set the appropriate tune.

(photos: Imaxtree)

The collection featured beach and aquatic sport inspired attire like wetsuit-like dresses, swimsuits, big bold florals, and hoodies.  If you didn't have a good time at the show, well, you need to get out more and grab some sun, coz the whole collection was about having fun!

(photos: Imaxtree)

What do you think of the collection?

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