Monday, September 30, 2013

Patterned Tights Style Guide

(photo: Chictopia user - MICHAELA_773)

Do you smell that?  Take a deep breath... exhale... ahhh yes, that's the smell of fresh autumn air!  Fall is here, officially, and I couldn't be more excited!  Why you ask?  Because fall fashion is in full swing, and I can finally start to pull out my tights and get leggy with some patterns!

Just because the temps outside are cooling off doesn't mean you have to ditch your shorts.  Au contraire mon petite belle!  Pairing tights with shorts is one of my favorite fashion trends for the fall and spring months, and a great way to really add some wow factor to your look pretty simply.  Bring on the tights!
(photo: Chictopia user - FASHIONMISSALEXANDRA)

Now, you may be most familiar with the classic tights look, which utilizes a simple semi sheer black tight under your shorts.  This look is timeless, effortless, and uber hipster chic.  When you pair dark tights with dark shoes, or some ankle booties, you'll actually create the effect of an elongated pair of gams that will have folks oggling your extra long looking stems.

But the fun really comes when you start incorporating some pattern into your tights!  Patterned tights can take an otherwise ordinary look (like the cream sweater and black shorts in the first photo above) and elevate it to new stylistic heights, simply by adding the flirty polka dots in the mix.

(photo: Chictopia user - CINDYTENG)

And the tights don't have to be extreme with their patterns.  Take the above photo for example.  I'm absolutely in love with these peacock feathered tights.  The tights themselves are super ultra sheer with one pattern on the side, giving the illusion you're not actually wearing tights, but have a leg design or tattoo, without the pain!  The asymmetrical line of the tights also create tremendous aesthetic appeal, straying from the expected into a delightful surprise.  And not much is required for such a statement pair of tights.  Just a simple pair of denim shorts and a white button down with some ankle booties and you're good to go.

(photo: Chictopia user - MELODIC_THRIFTY_CHIC) 

So what do you think of patterned tights?  Ready to give them a try?  Tweet and Instagram me your photos with #urbanog and #spankievalentine !

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