Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How to Wear Leather Pants: Style Tips

(photo: Chictopia user - MAHAYANNA)

Leather pants.  Some would say, they're only for the brave.  Others, might think they belong on the legs of a weathered cowboy or clinging skin tightly to the bottom of a super skinny middle aged male rock star.  Either way, you're bound to have a strong opinion about this piece of fashion.

Our take on leather pants?  Bring em on!  Leather pants (or vegan leather for my animal loving friends) don't have to be daunting to try in your wardrobe.  If you're already rocking a pair, great, but for those of you who may be still on the fence, here are a couple tips to keep the look chic, rather than dated:  keep it simple.

(photo: Chictopia user - LAURA86)

Leather pants are a perfect fall and winter staple piece as they automatically add an edgy feel to whatever you happen to wear with it, while maintaining a sort of classic tailored appeal that also happens to keep you warm in the colder climates.  If you're trying a pair of leather skinnies, try pairing them with an ultra feminine blouse.  You can go with something fall friendly like a high shine metallic top like the first photo, or keep it more casual and laid-back looking with a simple button up.  Metallic = good for evening wear, button up = good for everything wear.

(photo: Chictopia user - FASHIONLANDSCAPE)

If you're not into the tight fitting leather skinnies, try something in a boyfriend cut or slightly baggy draping.  This kind of cut, which you more typically see in sweat pants or faded jeans, works brilliantly with leather, as you get the loose fit comfort of the cut delivered in a way that will never, ever look homely or sloppy.  Again, the leather automatically chic's up and edges out an outfit.  Pair baggy fit leathers with a sexy feminine cut top like Fashionlandscape's deep V cut, and you're good to go.

(photo: Chictopia user - EMILYLANE)

Lastly, don't forget, color is your friend.  Yes, black is classic and the safe choice, but it is also the most expected, and can feel a little harsh.  If you want a more blended way to pull of leather pants, with less edge and rock n' roll effects, yet equally classic, try a pair in a hue like burgundy, one of the best colors of the fall season.  Balance the look with some more color up top for a very flirty feel, and add some matching edge in your accessories.

So what do you think?  Ready to take leather pants for a spin?

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