Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall Fashion Trend: Tall Socks

(photo: chictopia - Ravishingly)

Tall socks.  Enough said.  As we transition into the fall season and the weather starts to cool off, there's one fall trend that I always look forward to, and it seems to always withstand the test of trendy time, year after year.... the tall sock.
(photo: chictopia - MNIEWIELKA)

It just may be the perfect middle weather piece, as they allow you to wear your shorts, skirts, and thin leggings when it's cool out, and still keep pretty warm.  And the beauty about wearing over the knee socks in cottons, and rayons, is that they still manage to maintain a casual feel, and something "all-occasion" ready as opposed to over-the-knee leather boots that may feel inappropriate and too "sexed up" in some scenarios.

I love thigh high socks with ankle boots, and knee high boots the best as they cater to the warmth of the look, though I will say I have seen them worn with a pair of chunky peep toes and they look quite chic.  The key is to try and keep the heel thicker to help balance out the "weighty" feel of the look of the socks, especially if they are black or dark brown.

(photo: chictopia - Andrea_K)

Try them out with a pair of mid length shorts, skirts, and over your tights.  And experiment!  I love layering a couple thin pairs of alternating colors like gray and black, and scrunching them above your boots to give a nice cozy look to an outfit.

What do you think about tall socks?  Going to give it a try this season?

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