Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Real Steal - Shoes

Keeping up with the latest fashion bloggers and celebrity fashion trends can be challenging, not to mention expensive! Especially when it comes to shoes. Because we all know, when it comes to shoes, you can never have enough! From open toe sandals, sneakers, heels to boots; our options are endless. But how on earth can we get on that designer level without breaking the bank?! Well that's easy, all you have to do is keep your eyes out for the latest dupes that slides into our new arrivals! Don't get caught slippin' or you'll miss out on the real-steal because they do sell out.
Checkout some of our favorite Real-Steal below. 

Givenchy Studded Ankle Boots $1,395 - Steal: Studded Buckle Strap Booties $38.40

Gucci Princetown $995 - Steal: Horsebit Fur Lined Mule $26.50

Balenciaga Low Speed $695 - Steal: Sweater Knit Sock Sneaker $20.00

Balenciaga Ceinture Ankle Boots $1,390 - Steal: Lug Sole Platform Ankle Boots $32.80

Alexander Wang Eri Boots $850 - Steal: Leather Studded Pointy Toe Stiletto Boot $44.90

By: DN

Monday, December 18, 2017

Winter Fashion: Snow & Rain Boots

It’s now that time of year and you know what that means…snow sledding, ice skating, and not to mention curling up in your favorite blanket with some warm coco. But for any girl it’s another reason to go shopping for a new pair of winter boots!

Finding a pair of warm and stylish boots can be difficult, but not anymore! Shop with UrbanOG to find exactly what you need. 

Snow Boots are very popular this fashion season. Our Snow Boots keep you warm during the cold harsh days because they are made of material and fabric that will keep your feet and legs from freezing and are easy to style by simply tucking in your jeans inside the boots; or you can also wear them with leggings and tights. 

Another great feature in our boots is the water resistance and durable material that helps prevent snow from wetting any of your bottoms, not only that but they also have traction and are made of strong sturdy soles which are made specifically to help you stay safe and dry through any snow ball fight! Concerned about heavy boots? There is no need to worry about bulky boots; most of our selection comes in a lightweight pair that can help navigate you safely at a quick pace. Now you may do your Christmas shopping in a safe manner without slipping. 

Make a splash in one of our infinite selection of Rain Boots that vary in patterns and colors. Our selection is now available in your favorite color and can be combined with almost any coat or jacket; so make room in your closet because our Rain Boots will be one of the trendiest footwear items this winter season, and why wouldn’t they be? They are stylish and such a dependable choice. Be ready to bundle your feet with warmth; our boots have a comfortable fit, and are very durable regardless of the weather conditions you are experiencing. 

By: VC

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Irresistible Velvet Pieces for the Holidays

Nothing says luxury like velvet. There is a lot of historical value to this material, it has been dated to have been used since the aristocracy period when royal families would flaunt this clothing fabric. And there is no other perfect time to wear velvet then the holiday season. Why is velvet the “it” look? Well let’s start with the fact that it gives a very feminine silhouette touch to any outfit. This beautiful material also makes a very bold statement with its beautiful colors like deep red, royal blue, and dazzling green.

It has evolved over the years and now you can find velvet pretty much anywhere, including in many of our most popular clothing styles such as flowy dresses, our seductive evening gowns, and even our most fashionable heels and boots.

But it doesn’t stop there, we also carry accessories! Don’t forget to add one of our velvet Over the Knee Boots to your closet this winter season. Velvet has gone from a holiday season trend to slowly becoming a year-round material trend. Let’s face it, who can really resist this fabric of nobility? The smooth and luxurious material truly goes with any personality and any fashion look.

By: VC

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Holiday Trends

With the Holidays quickly approaching every fashionista must keep their closet up to date with the latest winter trends. Regardless of whether you are celebrating at the office or going to a big event, we are here to fill you with festive style inspiration.

Holidays simply means “It's party time!” and every girl’s goal is to pick a dazzling look that will make her feel festive. We are forecasting that this upcoming fashion season will have colors such as red, silver, gold, and green. We have almost every clothing and accessory imaginable in these holiday colors, so be sure to browse our site for fashion ideas. Another popular look will be sparkly tops such as sequins patterns, which you can also find in both our shoes and clothing. As far as clothing materials, you definitely want to go with a velvet or suede choice. We also have a great selection that will keep you warm but chic – the perfect winter combination! Over the knee boots can be dressed down with jeans for a casual daytime look or glammed up with a skirt or mini dress at night. We also have several ankle booties that are ever so stylish and versatile and can be paired with a dress and tights. During winter your outerwear is the most important aspect of your wardrobe so why not make a statement? A statement trench coat will make anyone look sophisticated so for those ladies going outdoors, be sure to consider wearing a stunning coat so you don’t get caught out in the cold. 
The most wonderful time of the year has arrived! Are you prepared for all the fun festivities? Celebrate the season in style with our cute plus size holiday fashion! Dazzle in the best plus size looks for the season with our selection of gorgeous holiday trends. Whether you’re heading to a family get-together or a Christmas party, we’ve got all the dresses you’re looking for. 

UrbanOg has a lot of affordable options for this holiday season that will make you feel like a million bucks but without having to actually spend it.

By: VC