Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ripped Stocking

The season is changing; the air is cooler, what’s better then a pair of stockings to give you the right amount of coverage from the chills of fall. Throwing on a pair of stockings with a shirt, shorts and even a dress will help you stretch your summer wardrobe into the next season. Have fun with this style and add a twist of 80’s by pairing ripped stockings to your outfit. This look has been around the corner before but remember today's fashion is different from the 80’s so play with it, go crazy! Remember everyday when you step out, you’re creating a trend!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Get The Look ~ Motorcycle Vest

Here is an easy look to add some spin to your everyday wardrobe. The motorcycle vest look is for our fashion forward fashionistas out there. Kristin Cavallari seen here in faded denim, cuff booties and a crop motorcycle vest. Motorcycle vest or any vest at that can do so much to a plain outfit. Layer this over a mini dress, or keep the vest open over a tank or t-shirt, tights and stilettos. Rock this tough chick look however you like to! Visit Urbanog.com to get the complete look!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jennifer Aniston in Valentino's Mini Dress

Jennifer Aniston debut her perfume in London this pass July in a radiant mini dress by Valentino. Her perfume Lolavia which means laughing at life was change to Jennifer Aniston at the last moment due to similarity in Marc Jacobs fragrance called Lola. The natural fragrance scents was described by Jennifer as a sexy clean smell, hence the nude dress. Valentino’s gorgeous mini dress had just the perfect touch to keep it natural. Don't you just love her?! Get her scent and don’t forget the look. Check out our inspire Valentino dress with its layers, pleating and bows.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sydney Fashion Festival

The annual Sydney Fashion Festival is just around the corner once again. From August 23-28, Sydney Town Hall will be filled with everything fashion! For those who love the fashion scene but can never get enough, worry no more because Sydney Fashion Festival extend all week long compare to other fashion shows that might only last for several hours long. SSF venue is amazing this year with numerous catwalk shows, behind the scene look for attendees. If you need your fashion fix then SSF is the place to be. With hundreds of designers’ line on the catwalk it’s hard to keep the excitement to a minimum. Get a peek at upcoming trends at the festival and prepare to be wow by what will be offer this year from swimwear to intimates and everything in between.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miss Mexico as Miss Universe 2010

Yesterday evening; Monday, August 23rd a pageant was held in Las Vegas by Donald Trump. This year the most beautiful women in the universe goes out to Miss Mexico. Jimena Naverreta a 22 year old student from Guadalajara accepted her crowned in a gorgeous red single-strap flowing gown. Miss Mexico 2010 competed against 81 beauties and in the end Miss Mexico stood as one of the finalists 5 which was Miss Philippines Venus Rai, Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillips, Miss Ukraine Anna Poslavska and Miss Puerto Rico Mariana Poalo. Congratulation to the 59th Miss Universe in 2010, Jimena Naverreta!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sensual Back

When shopping for a flirty/sexy outfit for your wardrobe, legs and/or cleavage comes to mind. A lot of us tend to forget that our back’s can be very sensual. I don’t know what it is about an exposed back that drives the other sex wild, but it does. Most of the backless dresses we have seen are for formal dresses. Walking around in a ball gown everyday is not realistic. Lucky for you, this trend is catching on and the designs are casual enough to make it a part of your everyday wardrobe. Yes, we would love to add this new trend to our closet, but this style is still hard to find. Here at Urbanog.com we have a wide selection of exposed back, keyholes, and peepholes to select from. Follow the link to own this new trend.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Surrender Las Vegas Night Life

The weekend is finally here! Nails checked, hair checked, stilettos checked, perfect dress checked… Viva Las Vegas here we come! Planning on jet setting or cruising down to Sin City? Well, we have just the right night life for you to check out. Surrender a remarkable indoor and outdoor venue located within Encore Hotel. This is the latest and most popular upscale nightclub to open in Las Vegas this year. Surrender offers great music with the best DJ spinning in a glass booth, eight dance floors and go-go dancers. It doesn’t stop there, venue then opens to 45,000sf. outdoor oasis with three pools, bungalows, cabanas, beds and couches; available for guests with bottle services. So, next time when you’re in Las Vegas, slip into a flirty mini-dress and pay Surrender a visit. Have a great weekend everyone!

Petal Power

By now you can find floral print designs from blouses to dresses. To tell you the truth, I was not too fond with the floral design when it first flooded the stores windows. Yiks! Floral prints reminded me of my granny. Every where you turn there was flowers prints sprouting from every cracks and corner. Then it grew on me, most of the design was delicately thought-out and printed on styles and cuts that made the prints look younger. Check out the Red Carpet Affair dress that we carry at Urbanog.com. I la-la-la love this dress! I’m crazy about the sweetheart neckline, the pleating and most of all the layers and layers of tiers. We found a very similar designer dress by Cynthia Steffe, going for $325.00. Ouch! That hurts right? Our dress will only run you $54.90. This newly revamped floral prints are so playful and flirty, there’s nothing like flowers that makes you so in-tuned with your femininity.

Use the link below to check out our Red Carpet Affair Dress and many other great styles.


Boots with the Fur!

Summer is just coming to an end and we are sure your fall style is waiting to explode from your closet. But, we’re already thinking about the next season, and some of us like to stay one step on top of fashion. So, when fall’s weather permits, we start to see the next season trends on only a few great people. Call it a tease, call it a sneak peek, call it whatever you like, but we must admit we all admire a fashion forward person. I am sure we all have that someone in our lives that is always taking risk, pulling off a style seen on the runways, or just putting their outfits together a way you might not have thought of. Whether their style is adored or you’re just not ready for it, they take risks that makes them an individual. What’s not to admire about that? Our very own fashionistas here at UrbanOG have searched the current market to bring you furry knee high boots as seen in our all time favorite fashion line; Chanel. Pick-up your furry boots at http://www.urbanog.com/Snow-01-Rabbit-Fur-Knee-High-Boot_109_1233.html and pair this look with a pair of skinny jeans, tights or even stocking. Own your look, ladies!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Power-Shoulders Embellishments

Going dancing this weekend? Have a special engagement to attend soon? We have the ideal dress for all you fashionistas out there. We are suggesting a dress with shoulders embellishments. If you thought the power sleeves was great, you will fall in love with this bold amazing style. The shoulders are usually decorated with jewels, studs, sequins, chains, etc., at shoulder blades. If you are going for a more dramatic look, snag one up with draping chains, like the dress seen on Samantha in Sex in the City. Be the first to slip into this latest trend and we all know that you will be envied by all the ladies that decided to shrug this style off. Don’t have one yet?! You’re in luck! Come check it out at the following link https://www.urbanog.com/Red-Hot-Spice-Dress_129_8330.html . This gorgeous style will defiantly make you stand out from all the other cookie-cutter styles currently out there.


Did you know clogs were traditionally used as protective work shoes? I love how fashion can always take something like clogs and turn it into a fashion trend that keeps coming back. When thinking about fashion in the 60s and 70s; afro, bell-bottoms and flower child comes to mind. But, we can not forget about the infamous clogs that also made an impact to that fashion era. If you can remember clogs made a reappearance back in the 90s, you might have been a little young to have notice the clog trend but I’m sure your mom and aunts was clogging all over town with them. What do you know?! Here they are once again, ready for you to rock them if you missed you chance in the 90s. From the runways of Chanel to Gucci, clogs can be seen coming down the catwalk and they are hotter then ever. Already, celebrities like Mary Kate Olsen and Jessica Alba can be seen wearing this comeback piece. Don’t miss out on another clog impact and follow this link: http://urbanog.com/search_product.php?keywords=clog&cid=0 and get your very own clog this season.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

M.A.C Cancel Rodarte Limited Edition Line

After much scrutiny by the public, M.A.C and Rodarte had decided to remove its limited edition make-up line set to launch on September. The Rodarte limited edition line was inspired by a road trip through Texas and Juarez after a plague swept the city. M.A.C intention was to donate part of the proceeds from the Rodarte collection to help the survivor of Juarez. The scrutiny came when the release of the product name was made public, with names like “ghost town”, “factory” and “Juarez”. The disapproval of the public compels M.A.C to change the name of those product that was view as offensive to the women of Juarez. M.A.C then decided to cancel the product line all together. M.A.C and Rodarte had openly apologize to the public regarding this matter and ensure that their decision to cancel the much anticipated line will not affect their commitments to help funds and raise money for the victim of Juarez.

Thigh-High Boots

Thigh high boots are making another comeback this season, so dig them out of your closet, dust them off and put on your pair of thigh high boots. If you have not yet purchased your very own, it’s not too late! This flirty style has been returning season after season and the look has only gotten more popular. From suede to leather and ranges of color, the possibilities are limitless. If you are courageous enough to slip into this bold trend, make sure you remember the fashion golden rule; cleavage or legs. Remember do not do both with this style! Needless to say why, so pair these flirtatious thigh-high boots with super-fitted jeans, mini-dresses, skirts to rompers – GO WILD! We know you will sure to turn heads this fall and well in to the cold winter.

Below are some of our Thigh-High Boots. Come check us out at urbanog.com!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blazing Blazers

Nothing like an edgy blazer to fire up your style! This looked can be paired with denim shorts to spark up a casual look or combine with heels and a fancy dress to take your style to another level. Fall is just around the corner and what’s better then to gradually take your summer look into a chilly fall evening? You’ve seen this look on the runways, red carpets and on many celebrities; from Rihanna to Kim Kardashian. This super sleek style is so simple you will wonder why you didn’t slip into one earlier. This versatile look is perfect for any wardrobe.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Alexander McQueen

It takes a creative mind to design the next upcoming fashion trend but it take an artist to design these shoes. Shoes are always said to be a form of art but what happen when art and shoes clash what would be the result. Alexander McQueen is a notorious fashion icon when it comes to his one of kind, out of this world creation. McQueen footwear collection is not just another shoe but an art gallery of timeless inspiration to fashion today and tomorrow. You might recognize his work in Lady Gaga “Bad Romance” music video. His work is also adore by many celebrities includes Rihanna and Lindsey Lohan. His work is one of kind and even after his passing his work still shine.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Jegging Is The New Legging

Did you catch the legging fever yet? By this time of the season you should notice the many style of different color, print legging being style around your neighborhood. It’s no surprise that legging is now the hottest thing to come back into fashion since the skinny jean. They’re comfortable, fashionable and wearable any day, any time. What’s better than leggings you might ask? The combination of leggings and jeans is a genius invention to promote the ever changing women fashion trend. Get the dressy look of jean and the comfort of leggings in the jegging. It brings a new twist and a unique look to any outfit and surely anyone can style this piece and look stylish without even trying. Urbanog.com is a proud owner of jegging, visit our site to find your own. Are you a proud owner of a pair of jegging? Tell us what you think.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pretty Little Liars Fashion

Pretty Little Liars is bring more than just suspend, conflict and overactive teenage drama but their fashion style is what pull them forward from all the other network program. The show premiere on ABC Family with an amazing cast and even more amazing wardrobe! If you are inspired by the girls of pretty little liars you will love Urbanog.com take on the outfit choices anything from shoes to accessories. Urbanog.com can be your little secret to dressing like one of the Pretty Little Liars.