Friday, August 13, 2010

Jegging Is The New Legging

Did you catch the legging fever yet? By this time of the season you should notice the many style of different color, print legging being style around your neighborhood. It’s no surprise that legging is now the hottest thing to come back into fashion since the skinny jean. They’re comfortable, fashionable and wearable any day, any time. What’s better than leggings you might ask? The combination of leggings and jeans is a genius invention to promote the ever changing women fashion trend. Get the dressy look of jean and the comfort of leggings in the jegging. It brings a new twist and a unique look to any outfit and surely anyone can style this piece and look stylish without even trying. is a proud owner of jegging, visit our site to find your own. Are you a proud owner of a pair of jegging? Tell us what you think.

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