Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fashion Simplicity

Every girl has experienced waking up late and having just a few minutes to get ready. It could be tough trying to get ready quickly and make yourself look great before walking out the door. The best way to make it on time to school or work is to jump out of bed and take a quick rinse. You can tackle your hair by putting it up on a ponytail or high-bun. Wear natural makeup then pick out a simple-chic outfit. 

Below are a few simple, yet fashionable clothing options from UrbanOG that will have you looking fabulous in a matter of seconds; add 1 or 2 accessories to finish up your look. 

Slip-on clothing pieces:

Simple Suede:

Quick comfy Bottoms:

Fast Plus-Size Look:

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Trending 2015 Fall Fashion

With Labor Day just a few weeks away, Fall 2015 trends are dominating the shopping scene. If you have not already noticed, the fashion clock has reset to the 70s era. We are overjoyed with this phenomenon and are excited to wear our favorite styles that Jackie and Donna portrayed in That 70s Show! 

Our shoes, dresses, accessories, bottoms, and tops are all designer inspired. The designers we seek our style inspiration from, sought their inspiration from past retro classics. Classics that were made iconic in the 70s – such as platform shoes, flowy attire, fringe, and suede, were all revitalized and brought back from the fashion grave with a modernized flair. High-end fashion should always be available for our trending fashionistas, which is why at UrbanOG.com you will find a variety of 70s trends at an affordable price! 

With Fall 2015 trends rolling in at UrbanOG.com, we say 70s fashion trends are in! Check out some of our favorite 70s inspired pieces below and tag us #uogstyle to show off your creative retro inspired outfits! 





Plus Size Styles 

Platform Chunky Shoes 

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Women Who Work

Everyday our boss working UrbanOG ladies wake up, get ready, and head out the door for the day. Some days may be easier than others to get up out of bed, but our working ladies always find a way to get up and ready for the day. This blog post is dedicated to all our office working fashionistas – and to those who like to dress the part. We have selected a few items from our tops, bottoms, and pumps that will help you add a wow factor to your work attire! These items will have you going from work wear to happy hour ready in an instant! Don’t forget to tag us #UOGSTYLE so we can see your lovely outfits! 

Working apparel can sometimes be dull, so why not brighten it up? A wow factor can be added to your ensemble by either a top and/or bottom. At UrbanOG.com you will find some appropriate designer inspired work attire at an affordable price! 



Plus Sizes 

However, sometimes a fashionista may not be at leisure to add a wow factor to work attire, but that won’t stop ever stop a fashionista from rocking an outfit. Below you will find lively pumps that will put a fierce step into your work attire. 


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