Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Vegan Fashion

Last week a dentist from Minnesota, Dr. Walter Palmer, caused a global uproar of rage. The killing of Zimbabwe lion Cecil has unified us globally by reminding us the importance of preserve wild life. Since then we have seen images of protesters fighting for a good cause, as well as, projecting images displaying endangered wildlife on the Empire State Building, in New York. Recent events have ignited our compassion towards not only endangered wildlife, but all animals.

At we sell clothing, shoes, and various accessories, we would like to remind all of our loving customers that all of our animal print products are vegan man-made material. No animal will ever be harmed for the pleasure of fashion. We believe high fashion can be achieved without hurting animals. Below are our some of our favorite vegan friendly animal products. Please let us know how you are fighting to preserve wild life and we would love to see you in your vegan friendly items! #UOGSTYLE


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