Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Looks

Prepare for summer and we can’t talk about summer without mentioning the beach! Here are a few great look you can put together for a day at beach. It’s simple, stylish and will sure keep the guys gazing all day. Start out with our favorite swimwear and you can accessorize around the swimwear. Get some inspiration from the Kardashian sisters and make the outfit your own. Whether it’s a two piece worn by Kloe or a one piece worn by Kourtney, they both look fabulous! Here is version of the dual beachwear with a twist. Find all the selection of wedges, necklace, and earrings you need to complete your look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, just add accessories, stunning shades and you’re ready!

Sex and the City Premier

The long awaited sequel world premier of Sex And The City 2 took place in the heart of New York City. We can all anticipate the variety, the risk and the unique in fashion choices from the movie and the premier. The staring ladies surely did not disappoint their fans with their amazing couture outfit. Sarah Jessica Parker wore a one shoulder Valentino Couture, Kristin Davis wore a vintage Jean Desses, Kim Cattrall went with a more classic and elegant look with a god Naeem Khan number and Cynthis Nixon style Carolina Herrera gown. The spotlight never left the ladies that made this all possible and the tremendous support of this film will set our next fashion trend and inspired many. Be sure to watch what Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are wearing because this is your glimpse into the future of next hot thing in fashion trend!

Jumpsuits & Rompers Trend

Be one of the first to welcome the biggest comeback since the high waist pants and skirt trend. Yes! Jumpsuits are back and they are more fabulous (not to mention way more stylish) then when they first debuted. That’s why is welcoming is updated trend with open arms back to the fashion world. Jumpsuits are great in that they are very versatile, easy to put on, sexy and super chic for the summer! Several years ago, we see the jumpsuit trying to make its way back to the more modernized look but this summer the rise in jumpsuit popularity is tremendous and with endless style from different designer, jumpsuit is becoming more and more accessible and at a great price! Which we all love and appreciate. The only thing that’s left for completing your look is some accessories and you’re ready to go. Check out some of jumpsuit collection and tell us about your favorite jumpsuit!

Life Balance - Yoga

Tired of being tired all the time? Then you should join millions of people who practice this simple activity to enhance their life forever! Everyone does it now from celebrities to athletes. Get in tune with your body, mind and spirit through the simple practice of yoga. The health benefits are endless with yoga. It can be a form of physical therapy, a way to relax, it teaches you how to move your body in a new way and strengthen your flexibility, strength and balance. The breathing techniques put you in a meditation stage to alleviate daily stress, and tensions. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow, best known in her current role as Pepper pots in Iron Man practices yoga daily and especially in preparation for Iron Man 2. Paltrow is reported to dedicating all her free time practicing yoga and even built a studio in her London home to practice yoga. Paltrow said yoga has made her a calmer and more centered woman.

Crossbody Bag / Clutch

A must have accessories for this season is the crossbody bag. If you haven’t yet seen this spring craze, you will soon. Just like the popularity in military inspired trend in apparel, the tough warrior look is also the inspiration for this season crossbody bag in accessories. The hands free, easy to create a look around not to mention edgy has becoming more and more popular. Crossbody bag is also a multi purpose and multi-use item, from a crossbody to one shoulder or clutch, there are endless possibilities in how you want to wear this bag or with what outfit you should wear it with. No wonder its becoming everyone favorite overnight! is front and center with this new trend, here are a few different look to choose from.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We love Valentino! But not the price~

The "Couture" pump from Valentino is so popular right now! Feminine elements such as lace, bow, ruffle, butterfly, has been the top trend for this year. is carrying a very similar style to the Valentino 'Couture' pump! Come check out our website today! We have gotten so many compliments on these! Instead of spending more than $700 bucks on them, you will be happy to leave our online store spending less than 10 times that amount!

Kimora Lee - Kouture vs. Baby Phat

If you are a fan of Kimora Lee's apparel collection then you will love to know that Kimora has come out with a new clothing line called Kouture. The line was launched early this year and is sold exclusively at Macy stores. Kouture is different from her other clothing line like Baby Phat in that the collection concentrates more on young and trendy fashion trends. Kimora emphasize that her Kouture line is recession-proof because it fits any budget from prices ranges anywhere from $19.99 to $34.99. The line featured the season's hottest trends from bold color to ruffles. Kouture offers chic fashion at a reasonable price which we all love!

The Little White Dress Trend

Get ready for a new generation of the little black dress. As a matter of fact the new little black dress is now the little white dress. Oh how time has change! When it comes to looking chic and timeless the little black dress never fails. Can we still establish that chic look with a substitute, you may ask. And my answer is of course! Changes are good and the best ways to decide is to try it for yourself. The biggest name in fashion designer from Michael Kors to Armani knows it better than anyone that white is the new black. The style remains versatile in both design and details with a twist in every turn. Every designer has a different take on this new little white dress phenomenon but here’s a few design to keep in mind next time you walk pass a fashion boutique.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Military Trend Report

Move over chief, there's a new commander in town and she’ll whip some fashion sense into you. Of course we are talking about the new hype of the military-inspired fashion trend. You see it everywhere, in the NY fashion shows, at the mall and in high end fashion boutique so let’s take a look at what makes these military outfits stand out from the rest of the boring uniform. The design takes a traditional military uniform and transforms the outfit from a hard, rugged look to a more put together, up to date, fashion forward outfit, yet still manage to keep the strength and empowerment that comes with putting on a military uniform. Here’s a look from Christophe Decarni military inspiration outfit and take in this military frenzy.

Maxi Dress Trend Report

One of our favorite summer dresses is The Maxi Dress!!
These dresses are light, airy, free, bohemian and in style, but most of all they're just
plain comfy. They're also the best cover up for those of us who want to hide a little.
When you go shopping for a maxi dress, remember that its cut is key! For busty ladies, pay attention not just to the cups but to the waist. It's not uncommon for someone who’s busty to have the seam of an empire top or dress ride up too high, and that can especially happen when you're wearing a maxi dress, since most long maxi dresses are long baby doll dresses with higher waist line. Have fun accessorizing your maxi dress! Solid colored maxi dresses are the simplest dresses to accessorize. Pair it with long necklaces. Scarves are a great pairing for a maxi dress as well, and an attention grabbing handbag. Wear your maxi dress with those trendy new sandals you’ve been eyeing at Also if you decide that the long maxi dresses are too long then just cut it above knee level and it will turn into a short, sassy and sunny mini dress! At, we also offer some maxi dresses at reasonable prices.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Purple Label Ruffled Dress vs. UrbanOG Dress

Feauturing striped tank dress with ruffle tiered denim bottom. Yes, this is a one-piece dress! Sailor & denim trend are IN -- try these cute dress inspired by Purple Label!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gladiator sandal Do & Don't

• Let them show – wear low gladiator sandals with longer dresses, jeans, shorts, and capri pants, wear tall gladiator sandals with above the knee skirts and shorts.
• Pick metallics for a slim look (dark brown and black sandals with lots of straps can make legs and ankles look bigger.
• Pick styles with a heel and thinner straps for a slimmer look.
• Try to wear them with bohemian, feminine style clothing.
• Remember a pedicure is a must, these sandals will attract lots of attention to your pretty feet.

1. Do not wear them if you have big calves or short legs. If you must, then you might want to wear some tights to go with them.
2. Do not wear them with socks or pantyhose.
3. Do not wear them with formal dresses, gladiator flat sandals are casual shoes.
Have you tried Gladiator sandals ? What do you like/don't like about them? What is your favorite style?

Whitney Port from The Hills

If you are not familiar with Whitney Port from The Hills then you should take some notes because soon she will be a family household name! Her clothing line Whitney Eve just came out with its Spring 2010 collection and it has exceeded the expectations of many. Her eye for fashion brings something fresh and new to the fashion industry, and with the support of Revolve Clothing, her line will soon be recognized everywhere. Her design is edgy and bold without being overwhelming. It’s fashionable and chic but the best part is you can wear her outfit straight off the runway. Here’s a few of my favorite outfit from Whitney Eve collection from spring 2010.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Heidi Montag Ready for more surgery

In a recent interview with Spencer Pratt Life & Style he revealed that wife Heidi Montag wants to increase the size of her breast implants, and that she has someone come over once a week to inject something into her lips, and how she’s going to fly to Europe to get more surgery, because the American doctors are now saying, “we don’t want to touch this". Apparently Heidi wants to fly out to Europe within the next couple of months to enlarge her breast size, she wants to go from 700 cc’s to 800 cc’s. WOW this girl is out of her mind. When asked in the interview what Spencer tells her about her lips and breasts, Spencer Pratt states “I try to stop her,” I keep telling her that they’re big enough and that she doesn’t need it.” This whole mess started when Ryan Seacrest made a comment to Heidi that put her over the edge and upset her. Spencer says “When Heidi entered the studio, Ryan told her that her breasts didn’t look that big to him,” Spencer, who was standing just a few feet from his wife at the time, says. Although Ryan’s comment was clearly meant to compliment Heidi and calm any, his words took on a twisted meaning in her mind. He says she came home in shock, thinking her breasts weren’t big enough. Wow poor thing all that is left here is, do you think this is all psychological? Or does it go deeper.

To Cheat or Not to Cheat?

The celebrity chain of scandal is uncovering itself each and everyday. Our most recent infidelity scandal once again surfaced after allegation of blackmail and extortion. Our latest “victim” this week is David Boreanaz, who stars in the forensic show Bones, has publicly admitted to his infidelity and to the mother of his two children that he has been cheating on her. Boreanaz admitted to his affair in an attempt to foil an extortion attempt by the mistress. Boreanaz is spotted tweeting about his painful situation and how the experience has left him in “sincere pain.” This cheating and secret affairs activity is getting way out of control for the rich and famous and frankly the apologies, statements and sorrowful comments doesn’t scratch the surface of the pain they inflicted on their family and those close to them. So for once, save the crocodile tears, we don’t buy any of it.

Friday, May 7, 2010

YSL v.s. Urban Original

Ruffles come in different shapes and styles. Pleated ruffles are unique and sexy - inspired by Yves Saint Laurent, Urban Original has interpreted this artwork in their own words! Here at, we offer this beautiful designer inspired dress for a fraction of the price and it comes in three fabulous colors: black, fuschsia, blue.

Valentino Ruffles v.s. Liliana Bardor

Ruffles are still the top trend as you've probably noticed in fashion magazines. Valentino has a series of feminine flourishes -- "get carried away in endless ruffles, layers of lace, and girlish garnishes." Here at, you can find that we are on top of our trend, both in clothing and shoes! Liliana bardor is a perfect example -- featuring ruffled pump in rich satin material - great for any special event such as wedding, prom, or just a casual date! Likewise in quality with designer's version, but definitely not in the price! We believe every one of you should be able to own fashion at an affordable price. Better yet, pick out a couple different colors if its too hard to choose. You never know when you'll need a pair of sexy barbie doll heels like these to complete your outfit!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Did Kim Kardashian have a face lift?

Word around the block the last few days has been that Kim Kardashian has had some work done. So appearantly the experts think that Kim’s not 100% real, and that surgery and other procedures were necessary for her to look the way she does now. I’m thinking since her face doesn’t move much she must have gotten botox. She also looks like she’s had her cheeks filled. Here are some pictures of what she looked like back in 2007 and current 2010. Shes beginning to look more and more like her mother, also shes never denied she would get work done. So what do you think?