Thursday, February 28, 2013

Runway Looks We Looove! Calvin Klein

Leather, leather, leatheeerrrrr!!!  Leather is having a HUGE moment.... scratch that, a huge YEAR this year, and the Fall/Winter predictions won't change a thing, as we've been seeing leather after leather piece strut the catwalk during this season's fashion weeks, happening round the globe!  

And who better to demonstrate classic, conservative, clean tailored cuts of leather ensembles than Calvin Klein?!

Creative director Fancisco Costa showcased an outstanding collection of modern meets masculine and feminine lines, all appealing the tougher side of a woman, sporting bonded vinyls, leather galore and wools.  

And the outerwear was a glorious addition to the collection, spanning the terrain of crisp silhouetted wools to a sheared alpaca piece that caused a few gasps in the celebrity topped crowd.  

Take a look at the collection, which are your favorite looks?


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(photos: Imaxtree)

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Best Hair at the Oscars

Well, we're still here recapping the Academy Awards that happened this past Sunday... what can we say, there was so much fashion to take in, it required a few posts!

Since I blogged yesterday about some of my personal favorite dresses that graced the runway on Hollywood beauties like Naomi Watts, Jennifer Lawrence and Sally Field, we thought it would be great to showcase some of the gorgeous locks we saw bouncing down the same carpet.

Some wore it long, some wore it short, curly, pin straight, and everything in between.  And while there were some styles that just didn't seem to have the uumph and appeal that was probably intended, there were some luscious locks that simply looked radiant (ahem!  Miss Jessica Chastain, above!).

So take a look at some of our fav locks.  Which was your favorite?

Anne Hathaway looks adorable and stunning in her tossled pixie.

Honestly, has anyone ever looked as good in a short cut as miss Halle Berry?

Jennifer Hudson and Catherine Zeta-Jones work long dark lengths.

Reese Witherspoon is the queen of the old Hollywood glam look, with her side part-swept curls.

Sandra Bullock is all smiles with her insanely shiny, pin straight hair.

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(photos: WireImage)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oscar's Best Dressed on the Red Carpet

The 85th Academy Awards has finally come to a close, with the whirlwind of fashion on the red carpet at the Dolby Theater, to the finishing guests appearances from the big winners the following day on talk shows galore!

And what we're happily left with are the amazing shots from the red carpet of our favorite stars.  So who was an Oscar worthy hit when it came to "the dress?"  

Well, with the trends spanning the gamut of pastels, glittering metallics (hello! Naiomi Watts!) and vibrant reds (didn't Sally Field look uh-may-zing!), there was plenty to swoon over.  So we picked out some of our absolute favorite looks, from Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence's cloud-like dreamy Dior Haute Couture gown, to Jessica Chastain's stunning gold Armani Prive, and recent standout Kerry Washington's old Hollywood glamour.

Take a look at our favs and tell us, who was yours?

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(photos: Wire)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Get The Look: Victoria's Secret Glamour Makeup Tutorial

What would you say if I told you that you could look like a Victoria's Secret angel?  

Well ok then.... perhaps without the legs to hear, and cleavage to there with impossibly long and inhumanly bouncy hair....?  Well, in this video tutorial care of Victoria herself, she's letting you in on the secret of how to do your makeup like an angel.

The key elements, minimal shading, airy and flirty lashes, and pink glossy lips!  It's that simple!  And it's the simplicity that makes this makeup look so sexy and adaptable to every angel and angel-in-training out there.

They've also got a light cheek stain that seems pretty dillectable.  So grab your makeup and take a seat and create a lovely look for your day alongside VS makeup artist Polly Osmond.  I mean, why not?

What do you think of the look?  

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ralph Lauren on the Runway

Take me to Paris and romance me forever!  Or, if you tire of it, take me to Russia and keep me warm!  

Either way, I'll be happy, because I know somehow Ralph Lauren will be involved!  Taking us on a glorious journey for New York Fashion Week, the designer traveled us through European sophistication, pulling influence from the Paris nautical classic all the way to the luxury of Russia with cable knit cashmere sweaters and wool gowns topped with caps.  

But tailored glamour was the name of Mr. Lauren's game, and with each gorgeous gown that came floating down the runway, we couldn't help but be deeply romanced, awaiting our own moment to be swept away .... either by the fashion, or a fashionable lover.


So which was your favorite look from Ralph Lauren's Fall/Winter 2013 collection?

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(photos: Imaxtree)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Marc Jacobs on the Runway

Can you believe how quickly New York Fashion Wee came and went?  Seriously, it seemed to blow through in a blizzardly storm much like the weather did last week, leaving us spinning from all directions over the amazing fashion that was on display for Fall/Winter 2013.

And Marc Jacobs certainly impressed us (as usual)!  Closing out the week, his harvest moon may just have stolen all much of the fashion thunder for the week, enchanting us with lush and vibrantly luxe textures and shimmer galore!

Marc Jacobs had 55 models.  Yes.  55 models.  And they walked the runway not once, but twice.  I'll give you a moment to breathe and revel in how awe inducing that was in person.

First, they came out in partial darkness where the focus was on the silhouettes and not the actual details and hues.  Genius.  Then the 2nd time, the darkness was lifted, and we fell head over heels for the metallics, midnight blues and emeralds, and blush, as well as the endlessly shimmering silks that evoked a gorgeous leather look, fur tops and high-to-the-sky heels.  

It was perfection.  See for yourself.  Which was your favorite look?

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(photos: Imaxtree)