Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ralph Lauren on the Runway

Take me to Paris and romance me forever!  Or, if you tire of it, take me to Russia and keep me warm!  

Either way, I'll be happy, because I know somehow Ralph Lauren will be involved!  Taking us on a glorious journey for New York Fashion Week, the designer traveled us through European sophistication, pulling influence from the Paris nautical classic all the way to the luxury of Russia with cable knit cashmere sweaters and wool gowns topped with caps.  

But tailored glamour was the name of Mr. Lauren's game, and with each gorgeous gown that came floating down the runway, we couldn't help but be deeply romanced, awaiting our own moment to be swept away .... either by the fashion, or a fashionable lover.


So which was your favorite look from Ralph Lauren's Fall/Winter 2013 collection?

Posted by:  Spankie

(photos: Imaxtree)

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