Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Marc Jacobs on the Runway

Can you believe how quickly New York Fashion Wee came and went?  Seriously, it seemed to blow through in a blizzardly storm much like the weather did last week, leaving us spinning from all directions over the amazing fashion that was on display for Fall/Winter 2013.

And Marc Jacobs certainly impressed us (as usual)!  Closing out the week, his harvest moon may just have stolen all much of the fashion thunder for the week, enchanting us with lush and vibrantly luxe textures and shimmer galore!

Marc Jacobs had 55 models.  Yes.  55 models.  And they walked the runway not once, but twice.  I'll give you a moment to breathe and revel in how awe inducing that was in person.

First, they came out in partial darkness where the focus was on the silhouettes and not the actual details and hues.  Genius.  Then the 2nd time, the darkness was lifted, and we fell head over heels for the metallics, midnight blues and emeralds, and blush, as well as the endlessly shimmering silks that evoked a gorgeous leather look, fur tops and high-to-the-sky heels.  

It was perfection.  See for yourself.  Which was your favorite look?

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(photos: Imaxtree)

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