Monday, October 29, 2012

New Chanel Campaign with Cara Delevingne!

What do Marie Antoinette, Chanel, and Cara Delevingne have in common?  They're all the wrapped together in a classic musing for Chanel's Resort 2013 campaign... and we LOVE it!

Karl Lagerfeld never fails to leave us speechless, and the label's Resort 2013 show was no exception.  Held in the gardens at Versailles, the show featured what the new campaign is now centered on:  a romantic vision of the ancien regime for the Spring season.  

With period inspired clothes (minus the tons and tons of extra layers), enamel jewelry, and the house's signature jackets, model Cara Delevingne is simply divine while lounging around in ornate, gold encrusted rooms.  

Take feminine mystique, add soft layers with feathers, gentle tweeds, and toss in a heavy dose of muted metallics and you've got one gorgeous new campaign.  What do you think?

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(photos: Chanel)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Look We Love: Casual Friday

It's been a long week.  Whether you've been hitting the books in school, or hitting the computer at work, we like to think of the weekend as our mini escape time.  Where we can unwind, let go of the weekly cares, and relax.  And what better way to usher the rejuvenation the weekend brings then to make our casual Friday a fashionable one too?!  

Why we love this look:  it's simple, functional, and effortlessly fashion forward all at the same time.  Let's start with the denim.  Skinnies are a staple for most girl's wardrobes, and while we typically wear them all the way long, with a killer pair of heels, folding the cuff gives them a whole new facelift.  And a perfect match to this casual glam?  The oxford flats!  Oxfords are synonymous with studious sophistication and preppy class, and when paired with the relaxed look of the folded jeans, you create a look that maintains an element of professionalism, while showcasing your softer side.

And what to wear on top?  How about some concentric florals?  Floral print adds a flirty playfulness to any look, and when the colors are dark, rather then the typical bright hues, the patterns grows up a bit, ready to strut with the more serious oxfords on the bottom.

And perhaps our most favorite part of the look is the burgundy lace cardigan.  Burgundy is a go-to color choice for the fall, and lace?  Well, lace never fails in this type of setting.  Pick out jewel tones and your lace pieces are instantly elevated from ultra girly to classic woman.  And lastly, don't forget to top the look off with a thrift style hat to round out the casual appeal.  If you're going for effortless chic, a hat always gets the job done.  Keep it in a neutral tone so that it doesn't overpower the rest of the ensemble.

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(photos: thesparrowscherry)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Anna Sui for Coach!

Guess what's finally available?!?  Last February, Anna Sui previewed her limited-edition collection of 2 handbags in collaboration with Coach at New York Fashion Week.  And now you can get your hands on these leathery bags of wonder!

Of the collection, Sui said "It's truly an honor to put my own spin on this seminal design."  Not departing from her signature boho look, Miss Sui features a dragonfly pattern on one, and a flour-de-lis on the other, with large tassels and brass hardware.  

The bags are available at Coach stores and online, but beware, their numbers are limited!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tracy Reese for Clinique

Who doesn't like free?  Well we certainly do, especially if free happens to carry the name Clinique and Tracy Reese!  

It's time to stock up on our fall makeup collection, and Tracy Reese is making it easy for us to do so.  The Michelle Obama beloved designer just teamed up with Clinique for the third time to create a luxe makeup bag filled with some fabulous goodies.  

The bags are designed with her signature prints, and this fashionable goodness can be in your hands for free.  Well.... after spending $28 at Nordstrom.  But hey, who needs an excuse to shop at Nordy's?  

The bags are filled with some of our favs like Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, Happy fragrance, and more than $80 worth of fabulous goodies.  The bags are available from Octobere 30th through November 11th in stores and online.  

Just sharing the good news!

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(photo: Nordstrom)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nicole Miller's Short Wedding Dresses Debut

Ready for wedding dresses with a leggy new approach?  Nicole Miller certainly is!  When her new bridal collection hits stores, you might notice there's something new, and something missing.... the bottom half!

The new collection, appropriately named "Cut the Cake" is a cocktail party-made collection that features dresses ready for the after-vow celebration.  Spanning designs from swinging Little White Dresses to romantic, throwback lace-trimmed silhouettes, these short little numbers are built to ignite the dance floor, and of course, tease the newly made husband to beg for the honeymoon to start.

Great for a fun filled summer reception, a bride-to-be can grab hers for a price starting at $495 when they become available next year.  

So would you go short at your reception?

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(photos: Nicole Miller)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Zac Efron for John John Denim

Every now and then we just have to stop, smell the flowers, and enjoy some fashionable eye candy.  Well, this Monday, we decided to enjoy the sensory overload of the ever-gorgeous Zac Efron strutting his stuff in the new ad for John John Denim.

Yes, he's quite something to look at, but what about those dance moves?  Yes.  And a drag racing bad boy?  Double yes!  The Brazilian designer just released the ad above, and we couldn't thank him enough!  Happy fashionable Monday!

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Look We Love: Patterned Tights and Dresses

Tis the season (finally!) to bring out our layers and play with patterns and textures!  Fall has finally landed, and we're loving the mixture of patterned tights with our dresses.  It's a great way to transition our summer dresses from the hot weather to the cooling temperatures, while tantalizing the visual senses!

Try taking a bold hued dress with an equally bold pattern, and pair it with some lightly patterned tights like the look above.  The key here is to keep the tights a neutral color, in this case, predominantly black, with subtle hints of the semi-sheer, criss-cross design.  It adds the perfect pop of pattern without overwhelming the senses.

And don't forget to maintain your feminine shape by cinching the waist in with a belt.  An oversized, black belt like above is the perfect statement piece that also ties in the black of the tights to the entire look.  Top (or bottom) it all off with some black booties, and your look is complete!

What do you think?

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(photo: Artinourblood)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Britney Spears' New 2-in-1 Perfume

Well the consummate perfumier has done it once again, and we're not the least bit surprised.  The pop diva and X Factor judge has released her 11th perfume product, a repackaging of her popular "Fantasy" and "Midnight Fantasy" scents.

And what's so special about this re-release you ask?  The scents come as a 2-in-1 packaged bottle, joined together in the center as a twist on, twist apart bottle. When together, you get a round glass ball complete with heart charm.  And if you just want one on its own, simply twist to release.

Britney tweeted about the new campaign with some behind the scenes shots, and then exclusive shots from her yin/yang shoot were released.  The fragrances will be available at Kohls this month.  What do you think?

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(photo: Kohl'

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jennifer Lawrence to Model for Dior

Christian Dior is transitioning.  They just got a new creative director, Raf Simons, and with that, comes the search for a new face for the brand.  But the search for the most coveted gig in fashion has just ended, and "Hunger Games" heroine Jennifer Lawrence landed the job!

Joining the ranks of such gorgeous celebs as Natalie Portman and Charlize Theron, Jennifer says it's "such a dream to represent an iconic brand that is synonymous with high fashion."  We couldn't agree more.

And what did Simons have to say about the choice?  "Her youth and her classic beauty but also the feminine strength and complexity that she can portray at such a young age are for me very unique and very appealing."

Well congratulations to Miss Lawrence!  And with red carpet season just around the corner, we can't wait to see what Dior we'll likely see her in!

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(photo: AKM-GSI)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Look We Love: Short Skirt Long Necklace

There's one word that comes to mind when blogging about this look:  Awesome!  Just plain awesome!  Fall fashion is about blending the seasons and mixing things up, both in terms of color and pattern, and lengths.  Case in point:  the miniskirt meets the long sleeve turtleneck.  A perfect way to bridge the hybrid temperatures outside.

And what I love most about this look is the clever accessorizing that bridges 2 seemingly unrelated pieces together.  Wearing a high waisted mini is bound to make your legs look endlessly long, and pulling the top half together with the mini can sometimes be tricky, especially when working with such a bold pattern.  But wearing a long drapey necklace that hits past the waist is the perfect way to join the top and bottom forces.  The looseness of the necklace also counterbalances the sleek and tight fit of the overall outfit.  

Pair the look with some neutral black booties, and you're ready to rock!  What do you think of the look?

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(photo: Borntobotheryou)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Burt's Bees Baby Clothing Line

You know them well when you're looking for soft lips.  They've even become a go to for healthy skin and hair, boasting all natural and organic ingredients.

Well now babies can also indulge in the wholesome goodness of the brand Burt's Bees!  The brand has just launched a clothing collection for babies, made of all soft, 100% organic cotton.

Of course, celebrity moms have already swarmed the collection, so now little angels from Uma Thurman, Paula Patton and Selma Blair will be rocking some BBB!  
The collection is available online at

What do you think of the collection?

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

LeeLee Sobieski's Fashion Week Look of the Day

This Look of the Day post hardly needs any words in it.  In fact... one word can really only attempt to do this look justice:  Wow!

During Paris Fashion Week, the gorgeous miss LeeLee Sobieski was spotted (and how could you not see her?) in this absolutely stunning red belted trench by Dior.

There are so many things wonderful about this look I don't even know where to start.  For one, the simplicity of the look is marvelous.  Just one piece, a luscious red coat, accented by a gorgeous gold metal belt over pockets.  The color does all the work.  And then the nude pumps.  They elongate the look of the leg and don't distract from the main focus.

Bravo LeeLee!  What do you think of this look?

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(photo: Joseph Kerlakian)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Anne Hathaway's Valentino Wedding Dress

Congratulations Mrs. Anne Shulman!!!  Yes my loves, the doey eyed, adorable Anne Hathaway exchanged vows with her now husband, Adam Shulman over the weekend in Big Sur, and while photos of her wedding dress are scarce, we managed to find a few to satiate our need to see the lovely actress in all her Big Day glory!

Anne went with a stunning, custom off-the-shoulder style gown made by Valentino.  Detailed with layers and layers and appliques, she looked like a princess roaming the earth for her prince.  

Adam proposed last November, and since then, Anne has said "I'm enjoyig myself very, very, very much... Happiness is a nice feeling."

Well we couldn't agree more... and being happy in a Valentino sure doesn't hurt!  Congrats to the newlyweds!  What do you think of the dress?

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UrbanOG Blogger Spotlight: Toshiko Shek

Happy October! Here at, we search through countless blogs to find our favorite blog of the month. The process is rather intense yet rewarding when we finally come across our favorite fashion blog. We are thrilled to announce this month’s “Blogger Spotlight” featuring Toshiko Shek of “It’s Not Her, It’s Me.”
We were drawn to Toshiko’s rather large closet of vintage pieces like seashell shaped purses to modern pieces like architectural wooden heels. There is a definitely a whimsical influence to Toshiko’s style that inspires us. We were curious to know more, and Toshiko was sweet enough to share with us a little bit more about herself in an exclusive interview.

Get a glimpse of Toshiko Shek’s world through her blog, “It’s Not Her, It’s Me.”

Monday, October 1, 2012

Jessica Alba's Look of the Day

So many trends this season, so little time!  What's a fashionable gal supposed to do?!

Why, take a cue from the lovely Jessica Alba of course!  While attending a green carpet event for the Environmental Media Awards, Jessica managed to bridge 4 of our favorite fall trends that are blazing up the fashion scene.  

Let's start with the obvious:  color blocking!  I swear I'll never tire of this trend, and the black and white approach creates a classic elegance that mimics the feel of the timeless tuxedo ensemble, without going over the top.  Jessica paired her Narciso Rodriguez blouse and blazer with some loose fit, modest goucho trousers, another fall trend with notes of sophistication.  

Another trend she managed to tailor off is the bare-midriff look we've been seeing all over the runways and high fashion streets.  And while bellys are getting a new found glory, jessica kept it classic and upscale event-friendly, by only showing just the smallest hint of skin.  

Lastly, the picture perfect look is bottomed off with some black and white cap-toe pointy pumps.  The perfect fall statement for a classic look!

What do you think?  Would you have worn it differently?

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(photo: Gilbert Flores)