Tuesday, October 2, 2012

UrbanOG Blogger Spotlight: Toshiko Shek

Happy October! Here at UrbanOG.com, we search through countless blogs to find our favorite blog of the month. The process is rather intense yet rewarding when we finally come across our favorite fashion blog. We are thrilled to announce this month’s “Blogger Spotlight” featuring Toshiko Shek of “It’s Not Her, It’s Me.”
We were drawn to Toshiko’s rather large closet of vintage pieces like seashell shaped purses to modern pieces like architectural wooden heels. There is a definitely a whimsical influence to Toshiko’s style that inspires us. We were curious to know more, and Toshiko was sweet enough to share with us a little bit more about herself in an exclusive interview.

Get a glimpse of Toshiko Shek’s world through her blog, “It’s Not Her, It’s Me.”

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