Monday, February 13, 2017

No Fuss Valentine's Day Look

Choosing the perfect outfit for Valentine's Day can be tricky and UOG is here to simplify the job for you. Whether you are going out on a date with a special someone or spending the evening with your girlfriends, you will need some pink and red to celebrate the holiday. You must choose what makes you feel comfortable, while expressing your real personal style. Selecting a simple red dress is the way to go. Whether it’s a mini dress or a long maxi dress, add a pair of classy shoes for a perfect way to spend Valentine's Day comfortably. There's no one right way to do Valentine's Day, and different agendas call for different outfits. Let's face it; nobody wants to end up at a fancy, romantic restaurant under dressed. Whether you're staying in for a cozy night with your boo or catching a movie with your girlfriends, these inspiration outfits below will guarantee you a most fashionable holiday. Our simple bodycon dresses can be dressed up with stilettos heels. Don’t feel comfortable wearing dresses and heels? We also have a variety of pants and flats you can choose from. And we can't forget all the curvy ladies, see our plus size section for chic fashion ideas.

By: VC