Friday, May 7, 2010

Valentino Ruffles v.s. Liliana Bardor

Ruffles are still the top trend as you've probably noticed in fashion magazines. Valentino has a series of feminine flourishes -- "get carried away in endless ruffles, layers of lace, and girlish garnishes." Here at, you can find that we are on top of our trend, both in clothing and shoes! Liliana bardor is a perfect example -- featuring ruffled pump in rich satin material - great for any special event such as wedding, prom, or just a casual date! Likewise in quality with designer's version, but definitely not in the price! We believe every one of you should be able to own fashion at an affordable price. Better yet, pick out a couple different colors if its too hard to choose. You never know when you'll need a pair of sexy barbie doll heels like these to complete your outfit!

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Jessa said...

Love ruffles && chanel iman looks soo gorgeous in this picture!