Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gladiator sandal Do & Don't

• Let them show – wear low gladiator sandals with longer dresses, jeans, shorts, and capri pants, wear tall gladiator sandals with above the knee skirts and shorts.
• Pick metallics for a slim look (dark brown and black sandals with lots of straps can make legs and ankles look bigger.
• Pick styles with a heel and thinner straps for a slimmer look.
• Try to wear them with bohemian, feminine style clothing.
• Remember a pedicure is a must, these sandals will attract lots of attention to your pretty feet.

1. Do not wear them if you have big calves or short legs. If you must, then you might want to wear some tights to go with them.
2. Do not wear them with socks or pantyhose.
3. Do not wear them with formal dresses, gladiator flat sandals are casual shoes.
Have you tried Gladiator sandals ? What do you like/don't like about them? What is your favorite style?

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