Saturday, August 8, 2015

Women Who Work

Everyday our boss working UrbanOG ladies wake up, get ready, and head out the door for the day. Some days may be easier than others to get up out of bed, but our working ladies always find a way to get up and ready for the day. This blog post is dedicated to all our office working fashionistas – and to those who like to dress the part. We have selected a few items from our tops, bottoms, and pumps that will help you add a wow factor to your work attire! These items will have you going from work wear to happy hour ready in an instant! Don’t forget to tag us #UOGSTYLE so we can see your lovely outfits! 

Working apparel can sometimes be dull, so why not brighten it up? A wow factor can be added to your ensemble by either a top and/or bottom. At you will find some appropriate designer inspired work attire at an affordable price! 



Plus Sizes 

However, sometimes a fashionista may not be at leisure to add a wow factor to work attire, but that won’t stop ever stop a fashionista from rocking an outfit. Below you will find lively pumps that will put a fierce step into your work attire. 


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