Wednesday, August 18, 2010

M.A.C Cancel Rodarte Limited Edition Line

After much scrutiny by the public, M.A.C and Rodarte had decided to remove its limited edition make-up line set to launch on September. The Rodarte limited edition line was inspired by a road trip through Texas and Juarez after a plague swept the city. M.A.C intention was to donate part of the proceeds from the Rodarte collection to help the survivor of Juarez. The scrutiny came when the release of the product name was made public, with names like “ghost town”, “factory” and “Juarez”. The disapproval of the public compels M.A.C to change the name of those product that was view as offensive to the women of Juarez. M.A.C then decided to cancel the product line all together. M.A.C and Rodarte had openly apologize to the public regarding this matter and ensure that their decision to cancel the much anticipated line will not affect their commitments to help funds and raise money for the victim of Juarez.

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