Saturday, December 16, 2017

Irresistible Velvet Pieces for the Holidays

Nothing says luxury like velvet. There is a lot of historical value to this material, it has been dated to have been used since the aristocracy period when royal families would flaunt this clothing fabric. And there is no other perfect time to wear velvet then the holiday season. Why is velvet the “it” look? Well let’s start with the fact that it gives a very feminine silhouette touch to any outfit. This beautiful material also makes a very bold statement with its beautiful colors like deep red, royal blue, and dazzling green.

It has evolved over the years and now you can find velvet pretty much anywhere, including in many of our most popular clothing styles such as flowy dresses, our seductive evening gowns, and even our most fashionable heels and boots.

But it doesn’t stop there, we also carry accessories! Don’t forget to add one of our velvet Over the Knee Boots to your closet this winter season. Velvet has gone from a holiday season trend to slowly becoming a year-round material trend. Let’s face it, who can really resist this fabric of nobility? The smooth and luxurious material truly goes with any personality and any fashion look.

By: VC

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