Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Remembering Talia Joy

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves frozen in time.  Frozen in a moment where everything seems to come to a quiet still, and words escape us.  There are no words that could ever capture the loss the world has just known with the passing of Talia Joy, the always cheerful young girl who loved beauty and fashion, and most of all, life.  

The vibrant, full of life beauty, merely 13 years old, passed on from this life after a 6 year fight against cancer.

And while she may no longer be on this Earth, her bright spirit and positive legacy has been an inspiration to millions, and she will shine as bright as the sun, warming our hearts forever. 

Gone too soon.... but never forgotten.  Sweet dreams beautiful angel.

Posted by: SV

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Unknown said...

Rip talia ,,,,may your name live on forever ......:-):-):-)(Just keep swimming )