Monday, August 13, 2012

How to Wear It: Summer to Fall Transition

While some of us are still right smack in the middle of a summer heat wave (ahem, ahem, Los Angeles, it's getting a little hot out here!) there are those of us who are already starting to feel the weather transition into a touch of Fall.  

And before we know it, cooler temps will once again fool us, as we look out the window thinking it's a hot summer day, but step out and feel that things aren't quite what they seem.  Enter: the summer to fall transition wardrobe.

Come the fall, we'll start to see a bevy of leather return to the scene, metallic accents, and military green hues.  When you're out during the day, keeping it cool up top with a lightweight white tank is a great look over some vegan leather skinny pants.  When wearing a piece like these pants, it's best to keep them skinny or slim fit, as bulky flared legs will only envelope your figure.

As the day progresses to the evening and the temperatures see a steeper-than-normal summertime drop, that's when you bring out the military inspired, lightweight cardigan.  It adds the warmth needed without going over the top in a full on jacket, and fits wonderfully with the leather pants and white T.  

Accent with some studded silver accessories, black boots to elongate the look of your legs, and neutral bag, and you're ready for whatever the fall weather preview has to offer!

Posted by:  Spankie V.

(photo: Marcella)

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