Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fall Fashion Shoes: What's the Trend?

Well the time has come to approach the edge and dive head first into Fall Fashion!  And while the summer coming to a close brings a little sadness, we're also quite thrilled as Fall fashion is one of (if not THE) our most favorite seasons.

While we're excited about the change of color palates that the season brings by default, we're doubly excited about the new trends we'll be sporting on our feet this coming season.  Fall fashion shoes have already begun to flood the market, and after doing a video haul on the major trends (watch below) you'll see this season, the cap toe, boots, metallics, and jewel tones, we figured you guys deserved a proper photo viewing of what's on trend in fall shoes.

Fall is a transitional season, and it's a perfect time to bring out the boots.  We love boots that are ankle and mid-calf high for the reason that they still keep you on the cooler side as there is still warmth in the air.  Look for studded details, and fold down cuffs to add versatility to the boot which gives you more outfit options for your buck.  Pair them with a dress, florals, skirts, biker jacket, jeans, you name it, they're your new go to this season.  

We've also been slightly obsessed over the cap-toe heel that's hit the fashion world as of late.  Especially the pointy toe which is making a bold comeback (finally!).  Look for neutral colors that elongate the look of your leg and are most versatile, and now, look for them in metallic hues like the neutral gold above.  You'll be seeing metallic over the feet of women everywhere, especially in the cap-toe style and in flats, loafers, and even oxfords.

Lastly, set your sights on some jem/jewel toned shoes.  These are the deeper, slightly darker and cooler versions of the bright summer colors you've been wearing the past several months.  Colors like ruby, sapphire, dark peacock, deep purples, and burgundy are a good place to start.

And if you're feeling very adventurous, go for a jem toned heel-less wedge!  The style is all the rage, and it's surprisingly comfortable.

So what do you think?  Which style are you most excited about for fall?

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