Friday, March 2, 2012

How To Wear It: Peak-a-Boo Bra

We are absolutely loving the warm and getting even warmer weather here in California. Of course the awesome heat brings on the return of peak-a-boo bras! You may have noticed our models sporting this trend on our website. We have compiled some tips in order to achieve this peak-a-boo bra trend without looking too sexy.

Wear a less revealing bra
Leave those sexy, sheer, almost there kind of bras at home. Since a bra is in it of itself revealing enough, try a bra with more coverage. We are all for lacey bras, but just make sure to stay classy by choosing a less exposing one.

Try a solid, colorful bra
The trend is suppose to be fun with a hint of sexy! Especially because it is almost Spring (might as well be), bright, vibrant colors create more of a playful flair. Tangerine orange, hot pink, electric blue, juicy red...bring it on!

Experiment with different tops
Loose tops are our favorite piece to pair with a colorful bra. Oversized tanks, blouses, off-shoulder tops, low v-necks, dolman tops, and cropped tops work as well. In addition to different styles, try different fabrics such as crochet, chiffon, prints, and lace to draw in the right amount of attention to the bra.

Enjoy the breeze!!

Posted by: Carolyn

Photo: Cheyenne Meets Chanel

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Jenna said...

Love this idea! Always a little intimidated though myself.