Thursday, March 8, 2012

Get The Look: iPhone Fashion Bunnies

While fashion is usually all we rave about, we thought we'd channel our inner techie to share an intriguing trend that has caught our eye. It's no secret that the iPhone hails as the reigning smartphone throughout the world, and is a major must-have among fashion industry insiders. In scouring many of our favorite blogs, we couldn't help but notice that iPhone-toting fashionistas are jazzing up their phones with bunny rabbits! Okay, not literal bunny rabbits--although we wouldn't be surprised to see a PETA activist pounce on a fashion week attendee for having an iPhone decked out in rabbit fur. The bunny-shaped phone cases are ridiculously cute, and are definitely a conversation starter. Lucky for you, we at Urban OG have gotten our hands on this adorable phone accessory for all of you iPhone users! Get clicking to get your hands on your very own iPhone fashion bunny case!

Posted by: Kameron S.

Photos: Stockholm Streetstyle


Jenna said...

So cute! They should make more phone cases like that for other types of phones.

'Stina D. said...

Is it bad that this case is one of the main reasons why I want to switch over to the iPhone? LOL! I love this case!!!