Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What's your sign? Shoes that match your zodiac!

Are you a fiery Aries, a fun loving Sagittarius or a creative Aquarius? Whatever your stars are we've picked the perfect shoes to complement your sign!
 See what we mean:

Key characteristics; determined, fiery and a born leader. 

Perfect for your fiery personality, these heels show off your ability to lead the pack in these fashion forward heels

Key characteristics; faithful, security-conscious, and proud.

Any Taurus would be proud to up their shoe game in these colorful wedges

Key characteristics; thinker, multi-talented, social.

These heels are versatile and the smart choice just like any Gemini !

Key characteristics; Emotional, instinctive, charitable.

Go with your instincts Cancer and pick these playful mesh pumps!

Key characteristics; original, motivated, physical

These booties can keep up with whatever Leos latest ambition is this week. 

Key characteristics; susceptible, sympathetic, moody.

This multi-colored texture heel perfectly pairs with Virgos multi layer personality

Key characteristics; concerned with relationships, communicative, refined.

Libra's never settle so these fashion forward heels are perfect for your refined taste

Key characteristics; intensive, secretive, passionate

The passionate Scorpio will feel at home with these dramatic heels

Key characteristics; honest, extroverted, larger than life.

Sagittarius will love the straight forward style of these platform pumps

Key characteristics; instinctive, smart, sympathetic.

A true Capricorn trusts their insticts and knows a good deal when they see one, like these on sale booties! 

Key characteristics; flamboyant, unpredictable, progressive.

Aquarius' out there attitude will feel just at home in these booties

Key characteristics; spiritual, idealistic, loving.

Pisces will fall in love with these ideal for any season heels

What do you think of your signs shoe? Tell us in the comments! 

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