Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Jumpers, jumpsuits and rompers are the latest fashion trend being spotted in the streets.
Jumpsuit were first popular with skydivers, parachutist and aviators for there seamless all in one construction. Can we blame them? Jumpers and rompers combine the best of both tops and bottoms and are an easy item to throw on. You've probably seen them in stores wondered how you could rock that. So here are some no fuss jumper and romper outfits to inspire:

Rompers are great pick for a casual afternoon out. This comfortable outfit will leaving you looking chic yet comfortable.
(Romper, Hat, Purse, Bracelets, Sandals)

Jumpsuits are the perfect unexpected evening out outfit option. This basic jumpsuit instantly becomes glam when paired with pretty silver accessories.
(Jumpsuit, purse, necklace, heels)

Ready to turn up the heat? This jumper is ultra flirty and perfect for a hot girls night out. Get ready to turn up the temps!
(Jumper, sunglasses, shoes, earrings)

What do you think of this trend? Will you try it out?

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