Monday, July 14, 2014

What decade trend is right for you?

Fashion knows how to do a throwback like no other. Right now there are so many retro trends, its hard to pick which decade inspired fashion you should try next.

Give this quiz a go to find out which decade inspired trends you should test out :

My favorite song is by..
Clean cut guys with sweet dance moves: a
A Soulful singer: b
Some guys who could need a hair cut: c

I spend most of my time..
At the mall: a
Dancing the night away at club: b
At a music festival: c

My favorite trend color is
Is glitter a color?: a
Coral, all day every day: b
Black or White, preferably together: c
The movie most like my life is...
Clueless: a
American Hustle: b
Across the Universe: c

Pick a style icon..
Naomi Campbell a
Farrah Fawcett: b
Edie Sedgwick: c

Must have beauty item
Dark dramatic lips: a
I prefer to go all natural : b
Perfectly lined cat eyes: c

If you got...

Mostly As-90s Chick

You've seen the movie clueless more times than you can count, you rather be at the mall and you can't wait to slow dance with your crush to your favorite slow jam by a boy band.... Well maybe not, but add some flannel and some boots for an instant tribute to this totally rad decade 

Mostly Bs-70s babe

Girl, you've got it going on and this groovy 70s trend is just for you! Break out a pair of bell bottoms or slip on some platform heels. Big brim hats and jumpsuit are calling for you try them out!

Mostly Cs-60s Sweetie

Your playful fun attitude is perfect for the 60s inspired fashion trend. Show off your mod side with a pair of Chelsea booties and geometric prints

What decade did you get? What retro style do you like best?

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