Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It’s a Girl! Beyonce and Jay-Z Have Their Baby!

Well folks, the moment many of us all over the world have waited for is finally here.  Beyonce gave birth to a sweet baby girl over the weekend in New York.

Since publicly becoming an item way back in 2003, Beyonce and Jay-Z have been one of the most powerful couples in the entertainment industry.  And their empire just expanded with their first child, Blue Ivy Carter.

Beyonce and Jay-Z reportedly reserved the entire 4th floor of Lenox Hill Hospital after making a sizeable $1.3 million donation toward renovations for the hospital.  Why the 4th floor?  The number 4 has collectively been the couple’s favorite number since the start as they were both born on the 4th, and were married on the 4th.  This little numbers game also carries into their new baby’s name, as Ivy comes from the Roman numeral IV which stands for 4.

Blue is Beyonce’s father’s favorite color.  Beyonce gave birth around midnight Saturday January 8th.  Congratulations to the happy, healthy family!

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