Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shoes Closet

Some people collect paintings, some people collect rocks, but we collect the best of it all…SHOES! Like art, every shoe is a masterpiece, like rocks or shall I say diamonds, every shoe sparkle and shine. A great pair of shoes will never let you down, so why have your collection of shoes sit there on the floor?! I am sure you have a blue print of that perfect shoes closet constructed in your head. Like most of us, we have not picked up that hammer yet, but we sure got started on our collections of stilettos, pumps, wedges, boots and booties. With UrbanOG at the tips of our fingers and all the great prices, shoes will be dancing all over our floor space. We better get started on that closet so we can make room for more. Check out Mariah Carey’s and Jessica Alba’s shoes closet and get inspire. Don’t worry if a shoes closet is not for you, try a canvas shoe box with a clear window. You will be able to stack, protect and view your shoes. There is nothing like a neatly displayed shoe collection to brighten up our days.

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