Friday, October 8, 2010

Oxford Heels

One great looked this seasons that is barrowed from the menswear is their oxford shoes. I like the oxford flats but I am in love with the oxford heels! The flats was a little to casual for me and since they are inspired by menswear it was too boyish for my personal taste, but heels… I have truly melted! Just the thought of styling this trend with skinny jeans, stockings, shorts, shirts, dresses, blazer, etc. will take my style to the next level. Like what you see?! Well following are the items name from top left to right, to make it easy on you, enter the keyword in the search box at a) Nydia-38; b) Miwa-36; c) Office-19; d) Oxford Lace Up; e) Savior-35; f) Strut-69

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