Monday, March 7, 2011

Shellac and Gelish Nail Polish

Are you tired of chipped nail polish? Who isn’t?! We get our manicure to complete our look, unfortunately within a week your freshly manicured hands is looking grimier then before your visit to the salon. Yes, your cuticle is still neatly groomed but your polish as definitely seen better days. This drives me insane! This weekend I finally tired Gelish Nail Polish, just like Shellac, this long wear polish will last up to three weeks without chipping, mirror finish and best of all zero dry time! After the last coat I was still skeptical of the dry time. To make me feel more comfortable about going on with my day without a smudge, my manicurist had me tap two of my freshly polish nails together to insure this big no, no will not effect the polish. Within seconds I was digging into my purse for my keys and was out the door.

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