Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Look We Love: Crochet & Denim

What I'm about to say fills me gets my eyes watering with frowny face sadness:  Summer is half over!  Sniff sniff...

Well, not technically I suppose, but being that most people consider Labor Day Weekend to be the last of Summer, then it is.... so that means one thing!  We've got to make sure our Summer fashion is in full gear!

We love crochet tops for the summer, and we love denim shorts, a summer must staple!  So you can imagine (surprise, surprise) that we love the combo together!  Crochet tops scream summer fashion with their effortless, show-some-skin feel.  They work fabulous as a cover up over a cute new bikini for a day romp outdoors or a beach party.  If you throw them over a colorful cami for some more coverage, you have an instantly playful and flirty look.

And when crochet meets denim, it's love at first pairing!  Denim shorts continue the girly, effortless feel.  Try mixing it up with some high waisted shorts, or some ombre dip dyed ones.  

Pair the entire look with some gladiator sandals or wedges, and viola!  Summer chic!

What do you think?  How would you wear it?

Posted by:  Spankie V.

(photo:  Stylingmylife)

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JessyLove C said...

Absolutly adore the denim and crochet. I love to be daring in denim. They have the most stellar crochet tops in color now, so they look super fun for summer.
It's great how denim is coming back to trend and I think it's here to stay!