Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Essie Nails Meet Ralph Lauren

Just when you thought every nail teaming combination had been achieved, a new one pops up just in time for spring and summer.  Case-in-point: Essie and Ralph Lauren.

Classic fashionistas would agree that a sure fire way to appear put together, and, well, polished.... is to match your nails to your dress.  But how about matching your tips to your perfumes?  Meet Essie's first-ever collaboration with Ralph Lauren, the Big Pony Gift Set in numbers 1-4.

Essie has created 4 nail lacquers inspired by each of the 4 Big Pony scents, and they are available in limited-edition gift sets priced around $45 per set.  And the colors couldn't be more summer friendly, coming in bold blue, yellow, pink, and violet.  

Each set comes with a full sized Big Pony eau de toilette, body spray, gift tote, and of course, polish!

I think it's pretty adorable, and makes a lovely gift, perhaps for that sport friendly pal you have!  What do you think?

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